Quicksilver vs Flash

This is a classic match as both of these fighters are known as the speed characters from Marvel and DC. It doesn’t mean that they are actually the fastest characters of their universes, but they are known as such. (Flash does actually live up to his rep though) This is the Wally West version of the character and I’m here to say that he utterly destroys Quicksilver in a race, much less a fight. In the time it would take Quicksilver to throw a punch, Flash will have thrown 10-100 and he would just be getting warmed up. Quicksilver’s perception of time seems to slow down more than Flash’s on a regular basis, but I believe that Flash’s mind can speed up when he’s going. It’s just more of an active process than with Quicksilver. At this point, Flash has fought in many high speed battles so he won’t have an issue thinking on his feet. Flash wins.

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