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Dan vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by iKnowledge Dan has a lot of Bakugans at the ready and is definitely one of the toughest brawlers in the franchise. He won’t be going down easy, but I’d say that the King of Games still has the edge here. Yugi has the Egyptian God Cards at his disposal and a whole lot of trap cards. In general Yugioh duelists have more traps than their Bakugan counterparts and that will really serve him well here. Dan will just have a difficult time keeping up with him. Yami Yugi wins.

2 thoughts on “Dan vs Yami Yugi”

  1. I’ve always thought Bakugan a poor man’s Beyblade, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think Dan would give a poor fight in this match. Knowing him, He and Yami Yugi would shake hands, in acknowledgement of the other’s talent(s).

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely not quite as awesome as Beyblade. I still want to get into the franchise someday, but it’ll probably be a while before I do and I’d like to watch Beyblade first. I’m sure they’d both enjoy the match

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