Thor vs Eliwood

Suggested by Jean Eliwood may have his flame sword and a whole lot of experience under his belt but it just won’t be enough to take down someone like Thor. Thor still has the overall power advantage at his side plus he has better long range options. It will be extremely difficult for Eliwood to dodge his attacks for long and ultimately his durability isn’t quite high enough to tank any direct hits either. Eventually he will get tagged by a hit and that will be it. Thor wins.

Sarevok Anchev vs Eliwood

Suggested by iKnowledge Eliwood and Sarevok Anchev both have tremendous physical power. Sarevok likely has the edge in that area with how he can wield his massive weapons and overwhelm his opponents so completely. That said, Eliwood has his fire element at the ready which will give him an edge in each sword clash and his speed is also greater. Often times speed is what will really decide these things and this battle should be no different. Eliwood wins.