Thor vs Valkyrie

Valkyrie is a strong fighter who has good hand to hand combat skills while also being very proficient with bladed weapons. That said, Thor definitely has the major advantage in both strength and speed. It would be difficult for Valkyrie to get in close enough to land any attacks and the difference in power between the two of them is considerable. Thor wins.

Valkyrie vs Tenten

Suggested by iKnowledge Usually if you see a Naruto character running around you figure that they’re going to be going for the win. Well, Tenten’s an interesting example of a character where we really haven’t seen a whole lot out of her. She just seems outmatched whenever she is on screen and doesn’t have the speed feats needed to clobber Valkyrie in this battle. As a result, Valkyrie’s exceptional strength and durability will be able to secure her the victory. The various ninja tools won’t stop her. Valkyrie wins.