Thor vs Yuki Terumi

Suggested by iKnowledge Yuki Terumi wins this one in much the same way as Hazama. His energy attacks can strike with incredible accuracy and speed. Thor won’t be able to keep up with the flurry of blows and while he could physically overpower Yuki, his speed won’t be great enough to get the job done there. Yuki can dodge any of the more powerful attacks and just keep swinging until eventually Thor goes down. Yuki Terumi wins.

Mash vs Yuki Terumi

Yuki Terumi is a powerful fighter with his shadow element moves but they won’t be enough to stop Mash. Mash has a lot of experience going up against tricky fighters with all kinds of magical abilities but at the end of the day his strength is always enough to stop them. He has the speed needed to get past Yuki’s defenses and land a critical blow. Mash wins.

Yūki Terumi vs Leon Belmont

Suggested by iKnowledge Leon is a skilled fighter who can fight with a whole variety of weapons. None of them will be quite enough to take down Yuki though due to the difference in overall ability. Yuki is both stronger and faster than Leon which is an incredibly difficult barrier to get around. Yuki’s power also continues to grow as he fights while one hit can drain a lot of the life out of Leon. You can’t hope to play the matchup perfectly and once Leon is hit, it’s over. Yūki Terumi wins.