Knuckle Duster vs Thor

Suggested by Jean Knuckle Duster is pretty strong and he can definitely take a lot of punishment, but this time he’s probably not going to be able to do enough to stop Thor. Thor has more long range options and while Knuckle Duster has some good super speed in his prime, he always had more limits than when the new O-Clock showed up. Thor should be able to take what this guy can dish out. Thor wins.

Knuckle Duster vs Gang Orca

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a battle of powerhouses. In terms of fair strength it’s fair to say that Gang Orca wins here. I don’t think Knuckle Duster has any possible way of countering his strength fist to fist but he won’t have to. Back in the day Knuckle Duster had a powerful quirk of his own and this would be enough for him to take Gang Orca down. Speed will always trump power any day of the week and Orca’s about to learn that. Knuckle Duster wins.