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Colossus vs Blob

Colossus is pretty strong. Of course now he also obtained 1/5th of the Phoenix Force! With that kind of power not even The Blob can take him down! Blob’s strong, but slow. Colossus is also a better fighter when it comes down to it. The Blob drops down the ranks with this loss. Colossus wins.


2 thoughts on “Colossus vs Blob”

  1. Blob may be unmovable but if I recall, Colossus once pulled the ground he was standing on. That and while Piotr may not be the smartest X-Man, he’s not dumb as Blob. Colossus takes this after a difficult battle.

    1. Yeah , Colossus is much smarter and pulling the ground from under him is definitely a nice loophole that can be quite effective. I think he should be able to win in a fist fight as well.

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