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Ronan The Accuser vs Lucifer

Suggested by Sonic Lucifer is pretty powerful and has given Ghost Rider a run for his money a few times back in the day. That said, he’s not quite ready to take on Ronan. Ronan’s taken on powerful opponents like the Hulk and Thor in the past. Physically I’d give him the edge over Lucifer and his hammer also grants him even more of an advantage. A single swing of that hammer can deal massive damage and Lucifer has no weapon equivalent on his side. Ronan The Accuser wins.

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Lugia vs Aang

Suggested by Sonic Lugia is a proud Pokemon and a pretty powerful legendary. While he has definitely been eclipsed by many other Pokemon over the years he has still proven himself to be a force that should be feared. He can fly at high speeds and has all of the energy attacks he needs at his disposal. Aang’s wind won’t slow him down much at all and his other elemental abilities just won’t be able to get the job done. Lugia is simply more powerful and also faster. Lugia wins.

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Mr Game and Watch vs Gardevoir

Suggested by Sonic Gardevoir is a pretty powerful Pokemon and one that can even mega evolve. Her psychic powers will be far too great for Game and Watch to really do much of anything. He can change shapes and use some foods but none of those could break through Gardevoir’s barriers. Meanwhile Gardevoir just needs a few good energy blasts to end this fight. Her arsenal is quite large and the difference in power is unimaginable. Gardevoir wins.

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Sharktopus vs Cheep Cheep

Suggested by Sonic I like a good Cheep Cheep and they can turn giant. That said, they don’t have much in the way of attacks while the Sharktopus can stab away at anyone who even gets close. There aren’t many options for the fish in this fight except for a quick escape. If anything his size will just make him a bigger target here since it’s not like he can do a whole lot to escape this upcoming onslaught. Sharktopus wins.

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Jubilee vs Loki

Suggested by Sonic Jubilee is a pretty fun X-Men character and she’s a decent fighter. She even became a vampire at one point which did increase her abilities quite a bit. All that being said, she isn’t quite ready to deal with Loki. Loki’s magical abilities are pretty insane and with a single shot he could blast through her sparkles. Loki’s array of spells and abilities are pretty vast so he tends to have an answer for every situation. Loki wins.

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Alex Rider vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Howard is back but now he’s up against Alex. Alex Rider may not have the strongest gadgets out there, but he does have some good gun skills and even hand to hand combat. In a fight between gun fighters it can always go either way, but at least Alex has professional training so he would be able to dodge any possible counter strikes a lot easier than Howard. I’d put my money on Alex landing the first big hit and one shot is all he needs. Alex Rider wins.

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Status Quo vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Howard to take the stage. This guy’s definitely ready to claim victory as well. Status Quo and Howard both never got to really do a whole lot in the comics, but HOward quickly identified himself as more of a threat. The guy did rob someone and even tried to escape the Punisher. Status Quo really just yelled a lot from a distance and once the heroes caught him the guy surrendered without a real fight. Howard Aguello wins.

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Status Quo vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer The Status Quo is a man of ideals but he doesn’t have a lot of skills. In fact, I don’t believe the man has even used a gun before. That’s bad news for him. Luke isn’t really a fighter either, but he does have a gun at the ready so automatically that gives him a pretty big edge in this fight. You can’t really hope to win a fight when your opponent has the weapon like that unless you have some kind of special abilities or plot armor on your side. Luke Benson wins.

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Status Quo vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Status Quo is a guy who loves to stir up trouble. He’s not really much of a fighter though and relies on his followers to do the dirty work. That’s not really going to fly against someone like the Chunk though. The Chunk can spit out a few diamonds or land a haymaker and that will be the end of the fight. The Status Quo really has no defense against such an attack option and ultimately he will end up falling here. The guy just doesn’t stand a chance. Chunk wins.

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Alex Rider vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Alex Rider is a pretty resourceful guy but he won’t be able to deal with the Chunk. The Chunk is bulletproof against traditional guns and can spit out diamonds at such a high speed that he even tagged the Flash. Alex can keep his distance and stay reasonably safe for a little while but between the teleportation and gravity The Chunk will eventually manage to catch Alex. Once he does then I’m afraid that it’ll all be over for him. Chunk wins.