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Mizore Shirayuki vs Blair (Soul Eater)

Mizore Shirayuki is a skilled ice fighter, but this is a tough match up for her since Blair’s attacks are all explosive based. While Blair isn’t necessarily a fire fighter, it’ll be tough for ice to stay strong while explosions are weakening it from all sides. Blair is also very fast and can turn into a cat which will help her dodge attacks as well. Mizore definitely has some good moves, but they’re all for naught if they can’t land and I do think that she will have an incredibly difficult time trying to get the decisive blow. Blair (Soul Eater) wins.

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Raiden Mei vs Yuuki

Yuuki is an excellent swordswoman and a fun character in general. I’d definitely consider her to be one of the better SAO characters. Still, she is up against a particularly talented foe in Raiden. Raiden has complete mastery over lightning and a lot of powerful armors which help her guard against attacks. Her swordsmanship is on the level as well so Yuuki is simply outgunned here. The elemental advantages Raiden possesses will prove to be too much for her. Raiden Mei wins.

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Sumire Kakei vs Shinso

Shinso has been improving his hand to hand abilities as My Hero continues, but I don’t think he is quite ready to take on a ninja like Sumire yet. She has a good array of water jutsu at the ready and can even perform the summoning jutsu. That’s an excellent 1-2 punch that will keep Shinso on the defensive. There will be no need for her to talk so his hypnosis will be ineffective here. Sumire Kakei wins.

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Atsushi Murasakibara vs Yoruichi

From all of the tournament matches this is easily the most one sided one. Atsushi isn’t even a fighter, the guy’s just really good at basketball. There isn’t really anything he can hope to do against Yoruichi here. She has super speed and a ton of useful attacks up her sleeve. It will not be difficult for her in the slightest to take him out in a single move. She won’t even need to try. Yoruichi wins.

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King K Rool vs Snake

Suggested by Sonic King K Rool is a powerful foe. He is so strong that his stats are even above that of DK’s. The guy clearly should not be underestimated. While Snake has a huge arsenal of weapons and explosives on his end, they will not be enough to win this round. He is simply too outmatched physically which will take a considerable toll on Snake during the match. He needs some physical enhancements to stand a chance here. King K Rool wins.

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Hedorah vs Lady Sif

Suggested by Destroyer Lady Sif is a strong warrior so the question here is really whether or not her attacks will beat Hedorah before he gets a luck shot in. I’m inclined to say that she has this match in the bag. She may not have a lot of fancy super powers, but she is an Asgardian and so she possesses natural super strength. Her weapons are also crafted to be quite deadly and so the slices will hurt Hedorah. He will simply be hacked until he is no longer able to remain standing. Lady Sif wins.

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Isabelle vs Mario

Suggested by Sonic Mario is a very talented fighter who has a lot of power ups and skills. He can jump around Isabelle’s attacks and launch some powerful counters. She doesn’t have an answer for any of his attacks and I fear that her lack of practical combat experience is also going to hurt her here. She won’t be able to react to his attacks in time and may even let the nerves get to her. This is not a fight that she was ready for. Mario wins.

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Hedorah vs Prunella

Suggested by Destroyer Prunella is an earnest student who is always doing her best to keep fighting the good fight and to learn more. She is a nice character, but one who ultimately did not stand even a remote chance against someone as powerful as Hedorah. Hedorah is a powerful Kaiju with abilities that are so vast he could win this fight and not even realize it. Humans are literally beneath his notice. Hedorah wins.

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Isabelle vs Link

Suggested by Sonic Link was chosen by the Master Sword to be the protector of Hyrule. I don’t think I need to tell you the implications of this. It means that he is the most worthy person on the planet and he was already a sharp fighter before that. Isabelle won’t be able to stop Link and the hero has enough weapons/items at his disposal to defeat her without causing any harm. That’s just how good he is. Link wins.

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Hedorah vs Havok

Suggested by Destroyer This is one match where Hedorah will ultimately falter. Havok is a very underrated Marvel character and that’s because he is usually written to be either a petty character or an inferior version of Cyclops. Despite this he is still a powerful fighter and his concussion blasts will have Hedorah down for the count. The fact that Havok can freely emit his blasts will make it all the easier to hit Hedorah with. Havok wins.