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Sleuth “Doggy” Dawg vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Sleuth is definitely a pretty skilled combatant. He’s got a gun at the ready and knows how to handle himself in a fight. That being said, you need more than simple confidence and determination to take down someone like Sonic. Sonic has enough speed and power on his side to keep Sleuth guessing for days. There’s no way he will even take a hit in this match. Sonic wins.

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Lightning Lynx vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Lightning Lynx is a pretty quick guy. He is effectively a ninja and has good all around abilities so he won’t just roll over once Sonic shows up. That being said, he is definitely out of his league here. Sonic is simply a lot faster than Lynx and I dare say that he is a better fighter as well. Nobody’s stopping this hedgehog. Sonic wins.

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Sonic vs Fiona Fox

Suggested by Anonymous Fiona Fox is a pretty tricky character who used to like to mess with Sonic and Tails. When it comes to combat ability though she is nowhere near Sonic’s level. His speed is far too great for her to hope to land a hit on him. Then you can throw in his raw power like his Super and Hyper forms. The match becomes a blowout at this point and there are very few characters who can realistically give Sonic a good match. Sonic wins.

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Sonic vs Shulk

Suggested by Sonic Shulk can see the future and he has some pretty good sword techniques. He’ll definitely give Sonic a run for his money. That being said, Sonic’s fast enough to dodge all of his counter attacks and still land his share of blows. I think the difference in ability here is going to be way too vast for Shulk to do much. Once Sonic goes super he just will be too fast for Shulk to even think of landing a hit. Sonic wins.

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Shy Guy vs Sonic

Suggested by Sonic Shy Guy is a pretty tough guy, but he’s definitely not ready to take on someone like Sonic. Sonic’s got super speed for days and a lot of combat experience aside from all of that. When he uses the Chaos Emeralds Sonic can even achieve a Super state. At that point, there just isn’t anyone who can hope to challenge him. Shy Guy can try to run, but he simply can’t hope to escape this hedgehog. Sonic wins.

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Sonic vs ROB

Suggested by Sonic Sonic’s a pretty fast guy. Lets not forget that he’s the one who ended the whole Subspace war single handily. ROB would be wise to just stay out of his way. That being said, he does have a lot of long range options and should be able to cause Sonic a little discomfort. I don’t think the victor will ever be in doubt here, but at least ROB can make things interesting until Sonic gets bored and ends this. Sonic wins.

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Sonic vs Naruto

Suggested by Destroyer Sonic is extremely fast which makes all matches with him rather difficult. While he doesn’t have the raw power that a typical Shonen Jump lead has, he can still match them thanks to his speed. Well, Naruto’s also very fast and should be able to react to Sonic’s attacks. Throw in the fact that he hits a lot harder and I think you can make a legitimate argument for him winning this round. Naruto will be able to eventually overwhelm Sonic, but it’ll be a tough fight. Naruto wins.

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Sonic vs Falco

Suggested by Sonic Falco has returned, but now he faces a true speedster in the form of Sonic. None of Falco’s attacks will be of any use here as he won’t be able to land a hit on Sonic. Sonic is simply way too fast and that’s not even counting his various super forms. Sonic could end the fight before Falco even realizes that he has been hit. Such is the potential of limitless speed. Sonic wins.

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Sonic vs MUTO

Suggested by Anonymous. MUTO is a strong monster and one that did actually give Godzilla a lot of trouble when it was 2 against 1. That being said, I would definitely give Sonic the edge in this fight. There’s no way that MUTO would ever land a hit and Sonic’s blows will hit like a tank. Furthermore, Sonic can go into Super Sonic mode and then all of his advantages will become even more drastic. It’s Game Over. Sonic wins.

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Sonic vs Sticks

Sticks has returned, but I’m afraid that she won’t be able to score 2 wins in a row this time. Sonic is simply too formidable of a foe and has faced off against many more powerful opponents in his day. Sticks just isn’t strong enough to deal with someone like Sonic. He is known as the fastest for a reason after all. He’s proven it many times before and that’s why he just needs his trusty spin dash to win this fight. Sonic wins.