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Kodos Lion vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Kodos Lion is a very powerful Sonic villain whose raw power must not be underestimated. He could shatter Sonic’s confidence if he were to land a hit. Of course, the odds of anything like that happening are slim to none at best. Sonic is simply way too fast and he’ll be running rings around this guy. They don’t call him the Blue Blue for nothing after all. Sonic is faster than most characters even before he powers up. Sonic wins.

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Nack the Weasel vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Nack may never have gotten all that popular, but he is definitely not an opponent to be underestimated. He has a gun at the ready and has some good skills under his belt. Sonic can handle him, but it won’t be an absolute cakewalk like you might think. Once Sonic gets serious it’ll be over, but I’m sure Nack will get in some good one liners in the meantime to try and make the match a little more exciting. Sonic wins.

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Drago Wolf vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Drago Wolf is another Sonic character that I had not heard of before this match. He’s definitely no slouch, but once again this is a match where Sonic won’t have to break a sweat. Sonic takes down guys like this for breakfast . He has his Super and Hyper forms at the ready and even in base mode Sonic would be too much for this guy. Sonic’s a runner and a fighter, you can’t beat someone who excels in both areas like that. Sonic wins.

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Master Mogul vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Master Mogul is a very powerful character from the Sonic comics. He’s taken on Knuckles in his Enerjak form and in general his stats are all through the roof. His raw power is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. That being said, Super Sonic can definitely overwhelm him in a fight. Sonic definitely has the speed advantage and his raw power in Super Sonic form is nothing to sneeze at either. Master Mogul better get ready to start running because once Sonic gets in close then it’s over. Sonic wins.

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Flying Frog vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous The Flying Frog is a fairly strong opponent, but not someone who can really give Sonic much of a fight. No matter how you slice it, Sonic’s just the much more stronger individual. He’s got super speed and a whole lot of close quarter combat techniques. The Flying Frog will be sent flying as soon as Sonic connects and knowing how fast that hedgehog is, a hit will connect very quickly. Sonic wins.

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Sergeant Simian vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Sergeant Simian may be one of those fighters who doesn’t back down, but he really doesn’t stand a chance against Sonic. Sonic’s got super speed at his disposal and we also shouldn’t forget that he does know how to fight. Sergeant Simian will quickly realize that he is a little out of his depth here. Sonic has various super forms at his disposal like Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic. With these forms under his belt there really isn’t much that Sergeant Simian can do to damage him. He’s simply too slow. Sonic wins.

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Sleuth “Doggy” Dawg vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Sleuth is definitely a pretty skilled combatant. He’s got a gun at the ready and knows how to handle himself in a fight. That being said, you need more than simple confidence and determination to take down someone like Sonic. Sonic has enough speed and power on his side to keep Sleuth guessing for days. There’s no way he will even take a hit in this match. Sonic wins.

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Lightning Lynx vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Lightning Lynx is a pretty quick guy. He is effectively a ninja and has good all around abilities so he won’t just roll over once Sonic shows up. That being said, he is definitely out of his league here. Sonic is simply a lot faster than Lynx and I dare say that he is a better fighter as well. Nobody’s stopping this hedgehog. Sonic wins.

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Sonic vs Fiona Fox

Suggested by Anonymous Fiona Fox is a pretty tricky character who used to like to mess with Sonic and Tails. When it comes to combat ability though she is nowhere near Sonic’s level. His speed is far too great for her to hope to land a hit on him. Then you can throw in his raw power like his Super and Hyper forms. The match becomes a blowout at this point and there are very few characters who can realistically give Sonic a good match. Sonic wins.

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Sonic vs Shulk

Suggested by Sonic Shulk can see the future and he has some pretty good sword techniques. He’ll definitely give Sonic a run for his money. That being said, Sonic’s fast enough to dodge all of his counter attacks and still land his share of blows. I think the difference in ability here is going to be way too vast for Shulk to do much. Once Sonic goes super he just will be too fast for Shulk to even think of landing a hit. Sonic wins.