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Sonic vs Bubsy

Suggested by Sonic These are two video game characters that I have a lot of respect for. Bubsy has a lot of confidence and attitude like the classic days of Sonic. Sonic hasn’t lost his edge though so that’s what makes these two pretty solid rivals. Overall Sonic is definitely the deadlier fighter though and I don’t think there are many people who would debate that. Sonic has a ton of fighting experience and his Super Sonic form would basically turn Bubsy into butter. Bubsy just wouldn’t be able to defend against such raw power nor do I think he would try. Bubsy knows his limits and would call it a day here. Sonic wins.

3 thoughts on “Sonic vs Bubsy”

  1. With all the years of fighting robots, Sonic would have no issue with Bubsy. Sonic would hardly break a sweat and probably won’t have to rely on Super Sonic. If for whatever reason, someone wants to argue that Bubsy could win, it would have to be sheer luck. Bubsy would have to be one out of a million to defeat Sonic and his speed.

    1. Agreed, Sonic’s just too experienced and used to fighting every kind of creature around. All Bubsy’s got going for him is confidence and that won’t be enough here.

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