Tournament Smashers

Tournament Smashers Ep 40 Nine Tailed Fox vs Bones

The 40th fight is now here!

Bones was waiting to beamed up into the Enterprise when a massive tremor caused him to fall into the water. He knew that swimming back up would be risky, so he primed his phasor and fired into the ocean wall. It created a hole that Bones swam into. To his mild amusement he noticed that the place was dry. The water stayed away from the hole as if it were magically being pulled back.

A long hand reached in through the hole and tried to slash Bones. Bones was too quick and he ducked under the hand. “Eat phaser!” he yelled as he fired it at full power. The monster roared as the hand drew back. Bones knew that he had to get to higher ground. He used some rocks to jump to the ceiling and he grabbed hold of a circus ring.

He grabbed on and swung himself to the other side. The wall behind him started to glow with an ominous screeching sound. Bones quickly jumped into the air as a giant red energy blast exploded the area where he had been. The Nine Tailed Fox appeared and roared. Water started gushing in through the giant hole.

“Now’s my chance!” Bones yelled as he fired his phaser at the Nine Tailed Fox. The Nine Tailed Fox didn’t even flinch as he fired another blast. Bones rolled out of the way, but the force blew him out of the cave and back onto solid ground. “Great!” Bones yelled as he grabbed his comlink. “No!” he yelled as the comlink made a sputtering sound. The action had been too much for it.

Bones knew that he would need to try and get to a populated area and soon! He started to dash north, but a hand grabbed him from behind. The Nine Tailed Fox was back! The Nine Tailed Fox roared and slammed Bones into the ground. Bones was knocked out instantly and he knew that his win streak was over.

The Nine Tailed Fox looked down as the puny mortal. It had been far too easy and he was looking forward to having a real fight. Maybe he could go locate the legendary Godzilla or the mighty Marshmallow Man. Either way, the fight was over, so the Nine Tailed Fox left. Bones had lived by only the slimmest of chances!

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