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Ra Thor vs James Bond

James Bond has a gun and he’s supposed to be a pretty tough fighter, but I never bought into that. Bullets wouldn’t do well against Ra Thor and the speed difference between these two is just too great. It’s hard to really see James Bond putting up a great fight at all. He’s too outmatched! Ra Thor wins.

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Ra Thor vs Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk is here to give Ra Thor a win. I may as well say that he’s “giving” Ra Thor the win since this is a pretty big blowout. Captain Kirk doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve that he can use to even up the odds. It’s just going to result in a loss either way so he may as well get it over with. The road to 100 battles is a tough one…but it was worth it. Ra Thor wins.

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Ra Thor vs Mega Man

Ra Thor makes his debut onto the blog and the name should already let you know that this guy shouldn’t be underestimated. He is tough and Mega Man will definitely have met his match for a brief moment, but then he’ll just activate his super abilities and launch his counter attack. Ra Thor won’t be able to hold up against him. Mega Man wins.