Godzilla vs Jet Jaguar

Suggested by Destroyer I always liked Jet Jaguar. He’s a pretty fun hero and I dare say that in his original movie he may have even been shown to be more powerful than Godzilla. Just let that stew for a bit. It’s interesting to think about. However, Godzilla has grown massively more powerful over the years to the point where Jet Jaguar cannot possibly keep up. At this point Godzilla could obliterate the robot with a few well placed hits. That would be the end of the battle. Godzilla wins.

Jet Jaguar vs Bass

Jet Jaguar is back and he’s up against Bass, but he’s definitely going to lose this round. Bass has speed that’s unheard of by today’s standards and with a single punch he could break Jet Jaguar. Jet Jaguar may have lost this round, but at least he put up a decent fight. Bass wins.

King Caesar vs Jet Jaguar

King Caesar is back and he’s ready to rumble! Jet Jaguar can alter his size at will and he can also fire energy blasts of incredible power. King Caesar is skilled in the art of fighting, but Jet Jaguar may have the advantage in raw power and beam projection. Jet Jaguar has won his first match on the blog! Jet Jaguar wins.