The BioLizard vs Cerebrus

Suggested by Destroyer Cerebrus isn’t a very well known character at all, but he did give Ironman a pretty good fight back in the day. He may be able to fire off a few good shots at The BioLizard, but it’s not as if the attacks will deal any damage so he isn’t a threat. The BioLizard can just step on Cerebrus and that would be the end of the match. The difference in sheer power and size is absolutely massive. The poor villain never even stood a chance. The BioLizard wins.

Cerebrus vs Ironman

Cerberus was a pretty tough computer, but in the end he wouldn’t stand a chance against any of Ironman’s newer armors. Those definitely pack a punch and the speeds that they can reach are extremely high. Cerberus won’t be landing any real hits on Ironman in this battle. Maybe Cerberus will be back someday. Ironman wins.