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Armored Armadillo vs Brock

Suggested by Anonymous Armored Armadillo is not one of the more memorable Mega Man X villains, but the guy is pretty tough. You can’t expect to deal too much damage to him all at once because of how resilient he is. His durability cannot and should not be underestimated. Brock will definitely need to bring in his A game if he wants to have any chance at claiming victory in this match. Brock’s army of Pokemon will then be able to carry him to victory. Brock wins.

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Black War Greymon vs Gallantmon

Suggested by Sonic Black War Greymon is a very powerful Digimon and he was always one of the cooler Digimon to show up in season 2 as well. The guy has a hype design and his Destroyer attack really covers a large range. I believe Gallantmon has the edge in power and skill though. His shield and spear weapons are just perfect for this matchup. The reason he will lose is because of Omnimon’s dark counterpart though. Black War Greymon can go one step closer and in his super mega form not even Gallantmon Crimson would be able to manage a comeback. I’m afraid this would just be the end of the road for him. Black War Greymon wins.

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Accelerator vs Sephiroth

Suggested by Sonic Sephiroth is incredibly fast and may surpass Accelerator in that area. You can barely even react to Sephiroth swinging his sword, but beyond that Sephiroth’s ranged attacks will be less useful here since Accelerator can reflect them all. Accelerator was pretty limited for a time when he needed the network to connect, but on his own he can use his abilities without worry and for a long time. I don’t believe Sephiroth will be able to keep up and since one touch from Accelerator can mean death Sephiroth can’t afford even the slightest mistake. Accelerator wins.

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Misty vs Dorothy

Suggested by Sonic Dorothy is a powerful MAR character and certainly my favorite one. She is fast and deadly with a blade. Still, even with all of that at her disposal I’m not sure that she’ll be able to win this round. Misty has a ton of Pokemon at the ready and the sheer numbers of her army will prove to be very difficult to deal with. Dorothy’s ARMS can hold some of them off, but not all of them. Misty wins.

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Kaguro vs Kazuya

Suggested by Sonic Kazuya has his demon mode which does amplify all of his stats, but I don’t think it will be quite enough to take down Kaguro. Kaguro was able to easily outspeed Gen and that kid was already quite fast. Kaguro’s attacks will also deal a lot of damage and while I don’t think his healing will be enough to outpace Kazuya’s attacks, they just won’t be hitting him often enough. Kaguro will be careful and he’ll chip away at Kazuya. Kaguro wins.

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Savageman vs Copy X

Suggested by Sonic Savageman and Copy X are both some of the strongest fighters in their respective sections of the Mega Man series. Copy X has a ton of abilities and is basically X if the hero had ever turned evil. On the other hand Savageman was able to move with tremendous speed before he even had his dark chip infusions. Once he had those then his abilities jumped into a whole new level and I believe he would be able to land enough hits to win before his body would begin to break down. Savageman wins.

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Vakishim vs Mettaur

Suggested by Destroyer Mettaur is a fun enemy and with their helmet they actually can block some attacks which makes them way more useful than other minions. These guys can actually make you pause and take a step back for a second while other enemies would just crumble before you. None of this takes away from the fact that Vakishim can quickly blast Mettaur into oblivion when the match starts, but it’s at least a consolation right? Mettaur will go down with dignity. Vakishim wins.

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Vakishim vs Pickman

Suggested by Destroyer Pickman can swing his little pickaxe around, but it’s not like that’s really going to do anything. Vakishim’s exterior is way too durable for that to even cause any damage. He’ll be able to shoot his energy blasts from afar with such range and power that Pickman will be gone before he can even get into combat range. That really doesn’t bode well for the fighter. Maybe Pickman will have better luck next year with a power up of some kind. He could certainly use one. Vakishim wins.

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Vakishim vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer Goomba is one of the most well known enemies in all of fiction. The guy has been around since the very beginning and while he may loose every match that he is in the guy never loses heart. He is absolutely outgunned in every match but still manages to stay strong and keeps on trying to make a name for himself. If that isn’t true dedication then I don’t know what is. It won’t be enough to win though. Vakishim wins.

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Vakishim vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Chunk won’t fare much better against Vakishim than Howard did. What holds the Chunk back so much is the fact that he can’t really fight all that well. The guy has his gems that he can spit out and teleportation but what can that do to a powerful Kaiju like Vakishim? Vakishim has the overwhelming edge in power here and won’t let Chunk forget that for an instance. A single energy blast will end this match. Vakishim wins.