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Hollow Ichigo vs Kyle Rayner

Suggested by Destroyer Kyle Rayner is one of the stronger Green Lanterns out there and has mastered more colors than just about any other. The rings give him a great defense and offense which would give him victor over most fighters. It won’t do much against a fighter of Hollow Ichigo’s caliber though. The difference in speed and power is far too great. When none of your hits can land it doesn’t even matter how much power you have. Hollow Ichigo is just in a league of his own and it’ll show. Hollow Ichigo wins.

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Mr Game And Watch vs Popo

Suggested by Destroyer This match will go pretty similar to the Nana one. Popo’s stats are effectively identical to Nana’s so Game and Watch will still be able to outspeed Popo. Game and Watch has a hammer of his own now which is something to consider as well. Popo won’t be able to beat him in a straight fight and will have a hard time trying to escape as well. Game and Watch just has too many options at his disposal and Popo can run, but ultimately he won’t be able to hide. Mr Game and Watch wins.

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Mr Game And Watch vs Nana

Suggested by Destroyer Mr Game and Watch may not have looked particularly good in the Super Smash Bros story mode but he’s actually not a terrible fighter. He has the power to alter his shape which is good and has a lot of practical objects at the ready to score damage. At the very least it helps to make him more of a credible threat. Nana meanwhile has a hammer which can let her deal some solid damage but I don’t see that as being enough to do a whole lot here. Mr Game and Watch still has the absolute edge in a 1 on 1 fight with his arsenal of attack options. Mr Game and Watch wins.

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Phantomon vs Amon

Suggested by Sonic Amon has some good hand to hand skills and bloodbending abilities, but neither one of those options will be particularly effective against Phantomon. It’s a rough matchup for him because of this. Phantomon hovers at a good distance. He may not be particularly fast but his attacks are absolutely devastating which will deal a great deal of damage to Amon. Amon won’t really be able to dodge forever and Phantomon only needs to eventually land a few good hits. Phantomon wins.

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Grim Reaper vs Felicia

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close fight. I’d make the case that the Reaper is stronger and more durable but that Felicia has the speed advantage here. She’s quite agile by nature and also knows better close quarters combat skills than the Reaper. Keeping out of the range of his scythe will be key here. I believe she can pull it off though. As tough as the Reaper is, he’s just not ready to fight an opponent who can zip in and out of range like that. Felicia wins.

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Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy vs Kabutops

Suggested by Sonic Mutchy Mutchy may not look all that impressive in his first form but after transforming he is actually quite impressive. You don’t want to overstate his power level since Goku was still in his kid form but that’s still more than enough destructive power to put a stop to Kabutops. Kabutops has a lot of abilities up his sleeve but none of them will have nearly enough power behind them to actually deal any damage. Mutchy Mutchy’s defenses are too great. Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy wins.

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Tyrogue vs Guile

Suggested by Sonic Tyrogue is a talented fighter even if he is outshined by most of the other fighting types. He’s a newbie but that’s okay. Guile may have a whole lot more experience but Tyrogue’s power is far greater. Tyrogue can access attack options such as Mega Punch which deal a great amount of damage and he is also a lot faster than Guile. As focused as Guile may be, he just won’t be able to take Tyrogue down here. Tyrogue is simply in a whole different level. Tyrogue wins.

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Kingler vs Terra (TT)

Suggested by Sonic Terra is a skilled rock user although the elements are not in her favor in this round. Kingler is a water type so the rocks won’t have quite the same effect on him. Additionally, he knows a whole variety of moves that are great from long range which will hurt Terra since that is usually her specialty. She will have a hard time keeping up with this Pokemon. His claws will shred any rocks that come his way and he’s also fast enough to stay one step ahead of Terra the whole time. Kingler wins.

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Flashy Flash vs Ryoma

Flashy Flash has returned again but this time he is up against the tennis expert known as Ryoma. Ryoma’s landed a ton of good wins over the years and this one will be no different. Flashy Flash may be able to go faster than light with incredible S tier fighting power but Ryoma unlocked the Pinnacle of Perfection. Mix that with his high above status and there’s just no way he could take a loss here. It’s a mantle of victory that he wears proudly. Without the high above rule though, the hyperbole is’t enough. Flashy Flash wins.

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Last Dragonborn vs Atrocitus

The Last Dragonborn is a tough guy who has had to survive natural ailments and a lot of dragons. Pretty much every force of nature has had a swing at him and the Dragonborn is still going. That won’t be enough to stop a Red Lantern though. Atrocitus has a whole lot of energy attacks at his disposal but his typical go to is pure force. He can barrel into Dragonborn at incredible speed which would take him out of the fight in an instant. There’s just not much he could do at that point and Atrocitus can fly which gives him a huge edge. Atrocitus wins.