Wybie Lovat vs Raphael

Suggested by Destroyer Wybie is a nice kid but he’s not a fighter. Raphael is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and has gone up against every kind of opponent you can think of. Wybie won’t really be able to keep up here and Raph will be able to take him down without even turning this into a fight. This match is incredibly one sided so Wybie has no real chance of success. His best hope is appearing in the future in a sequel movie where he gets super powers or something like that. Raphael wins.

Lara Croft vs James Bond

Suggested by Destroyer Lara Croft and James Bond are both special operatives who have fought in many battles. Bond has more experience in direct confrontations while Lara has taken on more supernatural threats. She will be able to take Bond down. Both of them have a lot of great gadgets, but Lara is simply faster and has better feats at her disposal. Bond will be overwhelmed with pure speed and in martial arts I would also give her the easy edge. Bond’s only shot here is his gun skills which will not be enough. Lara Croft wins.

Norman Bates vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates is a very well known horror icon but I would never really call him much of a fighter. He thrives on his opponents being weak or on sneak attacks. Howard is a similar kind of foe but he does have a gun with him and moves pretty quickly all the time. He’d definitely be able to overpower Norman in a 1 on 1 battle. I don’t see Norman being able to do much of anything in this fight but of course if he can get in range his knife skills could get tricky. Howard Aguello wins.

Tory vs Akira Aoi

Akira Aoi is a pretty talented fighter and one of her particular skills is knowing how to get in her opponent’s head. I have to admit that she would probably be able to do this with no real effort against Tory. Tory’s not great about standing up for himself and that’s going to catch up to him very quickly here. His Iceman will ultimately be powerless to stop Akira and being distracted during a fight only hurts your chances. There’s just no stopping an opponent like this. Akira Aoi wins.

Ruko Kominato vs Tory

Tory’s a nice kid but he never really honed his skills with Iceman. As a result he very quickly became one of the weakest characters in the series and he simply doesn’t have the will to really stay in the game. He wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot against Ruko and Tama. Tama would be able to crush Iceman with ease. A fight between Ruko and Tory themselves would be close but Tama will then finish Tory off before they’ve fought for long. Her hand to hand skills are just way better than Tory’s. Ruko Kominato wins.

Etna vs Milim

Etna is a powerful Demon Lord from Disgaea and her abilities did improve quite a lot between the first two games. She was still humiliated by Laharl though and I’d make the case that Milim is even more powerful. A single punch is able to cause a massive crater and she can take down Kaiju with a blast. Etna is completely out of her league here. Etna is good at making cunning plans and using her abilities well, but she is just out of her league here. At the end of the day a well crafted plan can’t make up for superior stats after an extent. Milim wins.

Rimuru Tempest vs Metamorpho

Rimuru Tempest and Metamorpho are both quite skilled at manipulating their body and using elements to their advantage. That said, while their powers are similar, Rimuru has much better physical abilities. Just look at his combat speed and speed of flight. Mix that in with his powerful thunder blasts and Metamorpho doesn’t really stand a chance. If it comes down to absorption I would also give Rimuru the advantage as his Predator ability is just way too good. Rimuru Tempest wins.

Joystick vs Vega

Suggested by iKnowledge Joystick is a pretty powerful fighter who is good at hand to hand. I have little doubt that Vega’s pure technique is better but the fact that Joystick has super speed and energy blasts at her disposal makes a huge difference. Vega is just going to get speedblitzed here. While his reaction times can help to prevent this to an extent, Joystick just has too many options at her disposal. Once she gets serious there isn’t going to be anything that Vega can do to stop her. Ultimately he just needs a little more speed and then he would possibly be able to win. It’s a fight that goes from being decisively in Joystick’s favor to 50/50 if Vega were quicker. Joystick wins.

Alice Zuberg vs Rose Wilson

Alice and Rose are both very accomplished in the blade but this is a case where craftsmanship is pretty important. Alice’s sword can withstand just about anything. There’s nothing Rose can really do to put her in the same league right now. Additionally, Alice is a whole lot faster. She would very quickly overwhelm Wilson and her first strike may cut straight through Wilson’s weapons and end the match in an instant. Such is the power of an elite Integrity Knight. Alice Zuberg wins.

Gentle Criminal vs Witchfire

Gentle Criminal has returned and the powers of fire don’t scare him. His punches would be enough to block any flame from getting near him. Additionally he’s also got enough speed to dodge any of Witchfire’s attacks. Nothing is going to hit him unless he allows it and from there he can easily turn the tables. Witchfire has no options of attack that would make her a threat to this guy and would need a massive attack boost to even approach him. Despite the guy’s name there is nothing gentle about his fighting style. Gentle Criminal wins.