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Kakuzu vs Electro

Suggested by Destroyer Kakuzu is a very powerful member of the Akatsuki so he definitely won’t be going down very easily. Electric attacks aren’t all that effective against him which will limit how effective Electro is. Electro will still be able to get in his share of hits thanks to his speed and the fact that the guy is hard to take down for the count. Still, it will not be enough to stop Kakuzu and while the fight would drag on, Kakuzu would be landing most of the hits. Kakuzu wins.

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Elfman Strauss vs Jaden

Elfman Strauss is a pretty powerful Fairy Tail member even if he is heavily outclassed by most of the others. You’re not going to see him with the power to end planets like Natsu, but he can throw a good punch. He’s definitely completely outclassed by Jaden though. Jaden has his elemental heroes at the ready and also has his Supreme King abilities. Jaden might barely even need the monsters since he also comes equipped with a lot of trap cards. Elfman is in for a world of pain here. Jaden wins.

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Yennefer vs Sasuke

Yennefer has powerful spells, but those won’t be able to do enough damage or activate quick enough to take down Sasuke. Sasuke has access to the sharingan which makes him incredibly difficult to hit. He has grown sharper and sharper as his sharingan has evolved and Sasuke is incredibly tough to defeat one on one. One glance is enough for him to possibly end this fight. Sasuke wins.

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Megaman X vs Zain

Zain is a powerful maverick, but X has yet to meet the maverick that he couldn’t vanquish. Megaman X has quickly become known as one of the premiere Maverick Hunters and he has a very wide arsenal of powerful abilities. Zain’s close quarters combat style is difficult to counter, but X is faster and more experienced than this guy. Zain just wouldn’t be able to bridge the gap in their abilities. Megaman X wins.

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Tock vs Jaden

Tock is back, but she won’t be able to defeat Jaden. He has a whole army of monsters and that spells bad news for Tock since she can only keep up her semblance for a minute. Jaden can stay from afar and watch her run out of energy or maybe his monsters will even take her down before the time limit is up. Either way her options are incredibly limited here, but at least if you’re going to lose you may as well lose to the best right? Jaden wins.

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Josie Rizal vs Mr Incredible

Suggested by iKnowledge Josie Rizal is a talented hand to hand fighter and a recent addition to the Tekken franchise. She’s definitely got a lot of spunk and spirit, but I don’t think that will really be enough against the mighty Mr Incredible. He’s got super strength, defense, and is overall a weaker version of Superman. Her attacks won’t realistically do any damage and while she is faster than him, it won’t make enough of a difference to claim victory. Mr Incredible wins.

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Seiuchin vs Vegeta

Seiuchin may have won his first round, but he’ll find that Vegeta is too powerful of an opponent to overcome. Wrestling techniques won’t work on a Saiyan who could end the entire universe on a whim. Vegeta’s abilities are just on a completely different level and that’s something that Seiuchin is going to learn very quickly. The Prince of All Saiyans isn’t even going to need to go Super Saiyan to win this round. Vegeta wins.

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Darth Traya vs Rey

Suggested by iKnowledge Darth Traya is a powerful Sith lord/Jedi Master who has a ton of solid Force techniques. Perhaps Rey will be able to catch up to her at some point, but Traya is so experienced in the force that she could use 3 lightsabers at the same time. Rey would be completely overwhelmed by this level of ability and her inexperience in the Force would show. Darth Traya wins.

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Vegeta vs Namora

Namora is very skilled under the water. Saiyans can’t breathe when submerged so she could maybe win if she keeps Vegeta down there long enough, but it’s not the most practical plan as he could just break the Earth underneath it to drain the water. Vegeta is effectively invincible so defeating him is simply out of the question for most fighters. I’m afraid that Namora would not be able to do all that much here. Vegeta wins.

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Vegeta vs Isaac

Isaac is one of the legendary RPG fighters who knows how to fight in many different styles. Give him a blade or his fists and Isaac will churn out a win either way. Alas, he won’t be able to defeat Vegeta. Just having access to light type abilities isn’t enough to beat a true Super Saiyan of legend. The gap in their raw power is too significant and the same can be said about their speed. Vegeta wins.