Ford Brody vs Jack Sparrow

Suggested by Destroyer Jack Sparrow has limited invincibility which is usually not super useful in a fight but when both combatants are effectively human then the game changes. Ford is a better shot with his gun and I would say he is the better fighter too, but not enough to overcome this hurdle. A few bullets will take him out while it will take several to beat Jack. It’s also not like Jack has 0 combat experience either. Jack Sparrow wins.

Ford Brody vs Alex Hopper

Suggested by Destroyer Alex Hopper is a little underrated as a character because nobody even knows about his existence. That said, the guy has a gun and can fight reasonably well. He just isn’t up to par against a fully trained soldier like Ford Brody. That guy has better weapons at his disposal and also better experience. It’s unlikely that he would be going down in this fight. Ford Brody wins.

Azura vs Slur

Azura is strong as she can fight in close quarters combat and at long range. She is tactical as well as being rather quick. Ultimately this would be enough to defeat many fighters but not Slur. Slur went one on one against Bass which is a feat so insane that many would not be able to comprehend even attempting to do such a thing. Slur has the massive advantage in all stats and could possibly win this in a single move. Slur wins.

Tecna vs Maschenny Khun

Maschenny Khun is very powerful and someone who can hold her own against other high rankers in the verse. Tecna can fly and has some long range options but ultimately it’s hard to see any of those being very effective here. She is just not fast enough to make a difference within this battle because her stats are too low. Her attacks likely wouldn’t deal any damage and are also just too slow to land. That’s what is going to get her in the end. Maschenny Khun wins.

Celes Chere vs Yuri Jahad

Yuri Jahad is incredibly powerful and one of the top warriors in the entire tower. It goes without saying that she would be able to crush Celes here. Celes has a wider variety of attack options and spells at her disposal but none of them will be enough to defeat Yuri. Yuri’s close quarters combat skills and incredible speed will allow her to get through Celes’ defenses and strike hard every time. Yuri Jahad wins.

Caitlin Fairchild vs Tatsumaki

Caitlin Fairchild has super strength and can hold her own in a fight but that’s not going to be enough to stop Tatsumaki. Her psychic powers are on a different level so Caitlin will be absolutely devastated throughout the fight. There will be no way for her to get in close or to close the gap at all. She will end up always being one step behind Tatsumaki and her super strength won’t helpif she isn’t able to land the blows. Tatsumaki wins.

Fiora vs Aizen

Fiora is a powerful fighter and she got a good amount of power ups in Xenoblade Chronicles. That being said, she isn’t quite ready to take on the mastermind known as Aizen. Not just yet anyway. Aizen will still be able to speedblitz all day without any effort needed and his power is through the roof. There is nothing within the Xenoblade verse that would be able to overtake him. Aizen wins.

Adol Christin vs Grimmjow

Adol Christin has a lot of very serious sword techniques but at the end of the day they won’t be enough to win here. Grimmjow has been crushing opponents ever since he first appeared in Bleach and keeps getting stronger. His current speed and power levels are so far above Adol’s that it wouldn’t be much of a fight right now. He is just going all the way up to victory with no shot at being stopped. Grimmjow wins.

Squall Leonhart vs Cloud

Cloud returns once more to take down another Final Fantasy character. Squall Leonhart is no lightweight and would be able to hold his own for a while but ultimately he’s not taking someone like Cloud down. Cloud’s abilities are much too powerful/dangerous. With his limit break and speed feats shown in Advent Children there is no way that he can be defeated. Squall doesn’t begin to match up and will need a solid power up in order to go against Cloud. Cloud wins.

Elliot Nightray vs Cloud

Elliot is a good guy who fights hard and never backs down. He’s the kind of person that you want in your corner but unfortunately that doesn’t mean that he’s super strong. Cloud would easily win this round without breaking a sweat. Cloud’s taken down foes far more powerful than Mr. Nightray after all. Cloud wins.