Vakishim vs Green Crusher Militaryman

Suggested by Destroyer It’s certainly been a long time since I’ve seen the Green Crusher Militaryman in action. This guy was not very impressive but it’s hard to scale him because he got crushed by Megaman but many foes wouldn’t have fared any better. That said, I haven’t seen enough to tell if he could really punch through Vakishim’s armor and that’s going to hurt. This Kaiju can take his time and eventually land a finishing blow. Vakishim wins.

Whitebeard vs Trafalgar Law

Suggested by Anonymous Whitebeard hasn’t moved up in terms of strength in a long while. Meanwhile Law has been improving to the extent where I actually think Law would beat him in a fight at this point. He’s quicker and has more attack options at his disposal. That’s what will really hurt Whitebeard here. He is a good fighter straight up but he lacks speed and won’t be able to deal with Law’s teleportation and long range moves. There are too many of them to counter. Law wins.

Whitebeard vs Sengoku

Suggested by Anonymous Sengoku has a really cool name but ultimately his ability isn’t going to scare Whitebeard. Basically he can make a solid light projection of himself and sure that’s definitely handy in a fight but the power we saw from it wasn’t very impressive. Whitebeard should be able to shatter that image with a single punch and then keep going on to claim the victory. There isn’t a lot that Sengoku would be able to do about that. Whitebeard wins.

Whitebeard vs Gol D Roger

Suggested by Anonymous Gol “D” Roger is a very powerful pirate. He was the Pirate King after all but he is still the most overrated character in the series if you ask me. He does have haki and Wano gave him some decent moments but we haven’t really gotten to see him fight for long enough amounts of time to really put him too high. It’s totally possible that this could be overturned if we ever see the fight in a flashback but for now Whitebeard has better feats and I would trust him to take Roger down. Whitebeard wins.

Whitebeard vs Big Mom

Suggested by Anonymous Whitebeard and Big Mom are both Yonkou fighters and can fight at a high level. For a long time I had Whitebeard ahead of her but then Wano happened and she definitely passed him in portrayal. She actually looked reasonably fast at some points and she can keep up in raw power. So basically she is Whitebeard but with a little more variety in her attacks. Whitebeard’s devil fruit won’t be able to hold its own against her thunder and fire. Big Mom wins.

Whitebeard vs Doflamingo

Suggested by Anonymous This onem’s probably going to be a bit of a hot take but Doflamingo has always seemed way more impressive to me than Whitebeard. Whitebeard has the strength to be sure but he is severely lacking in speed. There’s no way for him to keep up with Doflamingo to really use his power. Doflamingo’s strings are also impressive enough to where he could stop a whole city’s worth of the strongest One Piece characters. This will slow Whitebeard down for sure and now the speed difference is just insane. Doflamingo wins.

Nemona vs Noelle

Nemona is an ace trainer but she’s still not going to be defeating Noelle here. Noelle’s water spells are just way too deadly on both offense and defense. They would be enough to quickly overwhelm Nemona on all sides and her army of Pokemon won’t be able to mount a proper defense. The difference in speed will be a hurdle that is too great to be overcome. Noelle wins.

Shigaraki vs Vegeta

Shigaraki’s decay is a whole lot like Vegeta’s hakai and you can also picture it being stopped by sheer power in the same way. Vegeta’s aura will protect him from any incoming attacks and Shigaraki’s abilities will be no exception. Vegeta can end the universe in an instant and there isn’t really a way to dodge that kind of attack so Shigaraki would really be taking the L on this one. Vegeta wins.

Shigaraki vs Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent will one day end up being the next Superman if he focuses on his training enough, but at the end of the day he’s still not taking Shigaraki down here. The villain’s decay powers have much too great a reach and his physical abilities also got a massive boost as he entered his final form. At this point it’s hard to imagine Jonathan Kent being able to bridge the gap that divides them and he will have to take an early loss. Shigaraki wins.

Fuuko vs Noelle

Fuuko has her unluck powers and also a pretty good degree of mastery in hand to hand combat but that’s not going to be enough to take down Noelle. To beat this sorceress you need much more than that. You need an array of offensive spells as well and so Fuuko has no way to hit a long range specialist like Noelle. If you can’t hit your opponent then it’s all over. Noelle wins.