Tripod vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Howard Aguello is definitely not the strongest guy out there. If you think about it he is basically just a guy with a gun. That’s not gonna cut it against the Tripod. Tripods can take over whole planets if given enough time. A little bullet isn’t gonna even put a dent in their armor. These guys make up for their lack of agility with sheer firepower. Tripod wins.


Pastor Nick vs Beast Titan

Suggested by Destroyer I don’t think that Pastor Nick has a whole lot of fans. I will say this for him though, the guy has a strong will and won’t rat out his friends. Still, that’s no substitute for actual combat strength so I’m afraid that he is definitely doomed in this round. The Beast Titan is huge and could absolutely level the whole area if he so desired. That’s true power and something that Nick will not be able to match. Beast Titan wins.

Smaug vs Dragon

Suggested by Destroyer Smaug is a dragon so this is a fairly interesting match. I’d say that he has the edge over a generic Dragon because Smaug has proven himself to be exceptionally dangerous in combat. You’re just not gonna be able to stop him very easily. This dragon will have to retreat before the awesome power of Smaug! At the end of the day their abilities are pretty much identical but only one can win. Smaug wins.

Smaug vs Crab

Suggested by Destroyer Crabs are pretty intimidating if you think about it. They never give up and they don’t back down. The only way to stop a crab is with a lot of raw power. Fortunately for Smaug that is something he can do. He can fire a quick blast to cook the Crab or he can use his claws to deal some punishing attacks. Either way I think it’s safe to say that the Crab is absolutely doomed in this fight. He’s simply outgunned and outmatched. Smaug wins.

Ankylosaurus vs Smaug

Suggested by Destroyer Ankylosaurus is a pretty tough dinosaur. The spikes help to stop long range attacks and he is surprisingly quick. That being said, there isn’t much that this dino can do against Smaug. Smaug can stay at a distance and continually hit him with fire attacks until the dinosaur eventually goes down for the count. Ultimately there just isn’t anything he can do without a long range attack and it just goes to show how important it is to have such an option. Smaug wins.

Shazam vs Broly

This is a tribute to the Shazam film as well as the Broly title. Shazam spent most of the film running away which definitely hurt his chances of taking home the gold. Meanwhile Broly was able to surpass his limits and fought two of the strongest characters in history. That was certainly not an easy feat and it was certainly one of his best appearances yet. In terms of physical abilities there is a huge gap between these two fighters and that’s not even counting energy attacks. Broly wins.

Meiko vs Kale

This is a tribute to Digimon Coexistence. In this one Meiko spent a lot of time feeling sorry for herself and ultimately never really had a moment where she made a great decision. Meanwhile Kale is also not the kind of person to jump into action, but when needed she steps in. She looked really good in the Super manga and shows how you can be subtly supportive of someone. Meiko could learn a thing or two from her, but either way Kale’s got this one in the bag. Once she turns Super Saiyan the match is over. Kale wins.

Howard Aguello vs Batman

This is a tribute to Batman Ninja. Batman definitely looked pretty solid through and through here. He came up with good plans and adapted to this older world pretty quick. I somehow don’t think Howard would have been able to do much adapting at all. These two are polar opposites and Batman’s built a career out of putting guys like Howard away. There’s nothing Howard can throw at Batman that would intimidate the Dark Knight in the slightest. Batman wins.

Yami Yugi vs Ironman

Suggested by Anonymous Ironman has a lot of pretty cool armors at his disposal. He’s turned into one of Marvel’s strongest heroes over the years because he just seems to keep getting stronger and stronger. Still, Tony’s not ready to deal with Yami Yugi’s army of monsters. There are just too many of them for one guy to deal with and that’s not even counting the spell and trap cards at the ready. I think this will ultimately just be too much for Ironman to deal with. Yami Yugi wins.

Guyver vs Iron Fist

Suggested by Anonymous The Immortal Iron Fist was already a strong martial artist when he first became a crime fighter. His skills only improved even more once he obtained a fraction of the Phoenix Force. That being said, he’s not ready to handle someone like Guyver yet. Guyver has an incredible amount of strength and speed at his disposal and has more experience operating at such a high level. Iron Fist’s discipline will only carry him so far. He will still make this an interesting fight though. Guyver wins.