Destoroyah vs Kirby

Suggested by Destroyer Destoroyah is a fierce Kaiju and one of those guys that you absolutely do not want to mess with. That said, Kirby is well equipped to handle him. That’s because Kirby has a large arsenal of abilities and techniques at his disposal. He can seriously pull out just about anything to take this guy down for the count. Not talking about one shots here but Kirby can keep attacking until he wins since Destoroyah will have no opportunity to counter attack. Kirby’s just too fast. Kirby wins.

Leon (Resident Evil) vs Gill Man

Suggested by Destroyer So the Gill Man is a fiercesome foe that goes around choking people and generally racking up wins. The guy shouldn’t be underestimated but at the same time it’s also fair to say that he has absolutely no shot here. He just won’t be able to catch Leon and the guy isn’t bullet proof against the more powerful guns that Leon has. It’ll just be an ordinary day for the guy as it’s like fighting a zombie. Leon (Resident Evil) wins.

Harvester Queen vs Brood Queen

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for the Harvester Queen to make her debut and the result of this fight may even be a bit surprising. The Brood Queen is strong and she has to be in order to lead the Brood but we haven’t seen a whole lot of impressive moments out of her. Meanwhile the Harvester Queen has shields that can even block powerful bombs. She is much, much larger than the Brood Queen and could overwhelm her in close quarters combat. Size isn’t everything since you can sometimes dodge with speed but the Brood Queen isn’t fast enough for that. Harvester Queen wins.

Voltorb vs Magikarp

Suggested by Sonic This is one case where the type advantage will not be enough to win. Voltorb does have some good thunder techniques but Magikarp has his evolved mega form. In that form the size difference is absolutely crazy and Voltorb loses out on the battle of raw strength. He’s just not going to be able to generate enough electricity to win and has no way to block the more powerful blasts like the Hyper Beam. That’s why he will fall here. Magikarp wins.

Ditto vs Manaphy

Suggested by Sonic Manaphy has some strong water type abilities even if he is completely overshadowed by just about every other water type legendary. That will still be enough to beat Ditto. Ditto isn’t really a combat type Pokemon. He can transform a lot and has access to many special moves but a copy will never beat the original. Ditto has some severe limitations as a result and won’t be able to claim victory here. Manaphy wins.

Lili (Tekken) vs Samus X

Suggested by Sonic Lili is a strong hand to hand fighter but that won’t be enough here. The Samus X has an incredible armor that can even block energy blasts. Samus X may not be super fast but I would say the speed is still good enough to overwhelm Lili. So Lili is going to have a very hard time dealing any damage here and doesn’t have the durability to stay on top. Samus X wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Blizzardman

Suggested by Sonic Blizzardman has some good ice abilities but they won’t be enough to help him here. Robin has the absolute edge in speed, durability, and elemental powers. When you put that all into consideration then Blizzardman is really not going to be able to keep up here. He doesn’t have nearly the same amount of agility or technique that Robin has and it definitely shows. A few good fire blasts will take him down. Robin (Fire Emblem) wins.

Jun Kazama vs Kano

Suggested by iKnowledge Jun Kazama is a very important character in the Tekken mythos but I wouldn’t say she’s ultimately powerful. Surprisingly she doesn’t appear to use any of the transformation powers although she has some telekinesis going. It won’t be enough here though as Kano’s cybernetic strength and eye laser will give him a solid edge in range. Jun could feasibly pass him if we ever get to see her fight more in her prime but until then it’s game over. Kano wins.

Demitri Maximoff vs Thor

Suggested by Jean Demitri Maximoff is a powerful vampire who can fire off energy blasts and has some good speed. He’s well known for hypnosis but that’s not going to work on Thor. Thor’s mighty Mjolnir will lead him to victory here and his raw power is far greater than Demitri’s. Thor should also be able to keep up in speed even if Demitri has the slight edge there. Ultimately Demitri isn’t as balanced a fighter and will fall here. Thor wins.

Silver vs Blaze

Suggested by Yoda Silver and Blaze both have powered up modes that allow them to fight some of the stronger opponents out there. They’re fairly evenly matched I would say but Blaze specializes in fire and speed while Silver is more about psychic abilities. When push comes to shove I will always lean on the more offensive fighter because a good offense beats a good defense. Blaze wins.