Thor vs Marco

Suggested by Jean Thor is one of the stronger lightning users but he won’t be able to beat this fire expert. Marco’s flames allow him to regenerate damage and also go on the offensive. His speed is incredible and his durability is also impressive. Thor will have a hard time keeping up with his speed and doesn’t have the durability to stand up against Marco’s attacks for very long. Marco wins.

Thor vs Static (Marvel)

Suggested by Jean Static has a gun and some basic abilities but ultimately she won’t be doing a whole lot to Thor. Thor has the overwhelming advantage in both pure power and long range options with his lightning. Static has no way to dodge or endure his attacks and so the fight will be over in a quick move. She would need some absolutely massive power ups in order to make this a closer fight. Thor wins.

Cyber End Dragon vs Falzar

Suggested by Destroyer Cyber End Dragon is definitely a fierce fighter but he won’t be doing anything to Falzar here. Falzer never gets to show his stuff too much before getting beat but he still has more firepower than Cyber End Dragon and is a lot more agile in the air. He will be able to overload the dragon with energy attacks and win the day. Falzar wins.

Thumbelina (DC) vs Silk

Suggested by Destroyer Thumbelina’s best decision here would be to not use her powers at all but of course that’s not going to help her win either. Silk isn’t primarily a fighter but she is still a netnavi and will have better physical stats than Thumbelina. Trying to secure a win under these conditions would be tough for Thumbelina. It won’t be a flashy fight but Silk has this all the way. Silk wins.

Knuckle Duster vs Gang Orca

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a battle of powerhouses. In terms of fair strength it’s fair to say that Gang Orca wins here. I don’t think Knuckle Duster has any possible way of countering his strength fist to fist but he won’t have to. Back in the day Knuckle Duster had a powerful quirk of his own and this would be enough for him to take Gang Orca down. Speed will always trump power any day of the week and Orca’s about to learn that. Knuckle Duster wins.

Sauron vs Slab

Suggested by Destroyer Slab has super strength but that’s really all that he has going for him. It’s certainly not enough to do a whole lot against Sauron. Slab will have a hard time even hitting Sauron since the guy is fairly quick and can fly. Ultimately Sauron is going to wear this guy down if he doesn’t just straight up overpower him. Sauron wins.

Sauron vs Hairbag

Suggested by Destroyer Sauron usually appears as more of a strategist than a fighter but he can mix it up when needed. He’s turned giant in the past and has amped up his abilities on several occasions. Hairbag is a member of the Nasty Boys and has some metahuman abilities of his own but none that would put him in the same weight class as Sauron. Sauron is really on a higher level of power and has more agility. Sauron wins.

Thrall vs Cyborg Commando

Suggested by Sonic The Cyborg Commando is a strong fighter who can use his guns and tech to really take the advantage at any given moment. That said, he isn’t super durable and Thrall is all about crushing his opponents. I have little doubts that Thrall can just punch through the Cyborg’s armor with his hammer. So long as he can do that, this fight won’t be long as Thrall will overwhelm him with sheer savagery and speed. Thrall wins.

Sakura Amamiya vs Takeshi

Suggested by Sonic Takeshi is a very solid pilot and he does have his robot suit but his mech wasn’t built for combat the way that Sakura’s was. Additionally Sakura can emit energy all on her own and is a master swordswoman. I don’t see Takeshi being able to really do much to try and stop her at this point. Sakura is just on a completely different level and has the edge in speed against him. Sakura Amamiya wins.

Goro (MK) vs Enerjak

Suggested by Sonic Goro is a strong fighter but Enerjak is a cosmic being of immense power. He can fly rings around Goro and a single good hit would likely end things here. As skilled as Goro is, it ultimately doesn’t matter a whole lot since he wouldn’t be able to hit Enerjak. His blows also wouldn’t do much damage if they could connect so Goro is really out of luck on all sides here. Enerjak wins.