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Bakugo vs Korra

Suggested by iKnowledge Korra is a very talented fighter who has mastery over all the elements and is good at hand to hand combat. Her explosive abilities should give Bakugo some trouble for most of the fight. She can effectively block all of his blasts for a little while. That being said, Bakugo got a pretty good power up in the movie which really amped up his abilities. Now he can break through all of her techniques with sheer power so she won’t be able to stand up to him for long. Bakugo wins.

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Scarlet Witch vs Baron Zemo (12th)

Suggested by Sonic Baron Zemo doesn’t really have any powers which means he will be in big trouble for this fight. Scarlet Witch has her mastery over magic which is very handy for a battle like this. She can just take Zemo out with a single blast. He does have his anti magic amulet he got once which will offer some protection but it’s no good after a point. Scarlet Witch’s abilities will be too much for any amulet to hope to block. That is why Baron will ultimately suffer defeat in this round. Scarlet Witch wins.

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Mr Game and Watch vs Flatman

Suggested by Sonic Flatman can stretch and is effectively known as a second rate Mr Fantastic. While Reed Richards has a lot of useful gadgets that are good in a fight, Flatman doesn’t have nearly the same kind of arsenal at his disposal. Mr Game and Watch can transform into a giant spider/squid and can change himself into various objects as well. His hammer and torch will be hard for Flatman to deal with and it’s not like Flatman can just squeeze him like he would most opponents. Game and Watch is already 2D so that is out of the question. Mr Game and Watch wins.

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Demolition Man vs Etrigan

Suggested by Sonic The Demolition Man has basic super strength which isn’t bad. It’s definitely better than nothing but Etrigan’s super strength is in a whole different weight class. He wouldn’t need to worry about taking as many of Demolition Man’s attacks as he needs to. Additionally Etrigan has his fire balls which will force The Demolition Man to keep his distance. This is one fight where the demon’s going to take the win. Etrigan wins.

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Carmen Sandiego vs Nate The Great

Suggested by Sonic Nate The Great is a very solid detective but he is a little out of his league in this fight. Carmen Sandiego is a lot more skilled in a fair fight and has the edge in all physical abilities. I don’t think Nate would really last for more than a few minutes here. He needs to get older to even have a shot at taking this fight and even then he wouldn’t have the years of combat experience that Carmen has. Carmen Sandiego wins.

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Hannah Montana vs Minnie Mouse

Suggested by Sonic Hannah Montana is a singer from a while back who had to try and lead a double life. It was definitely tricky but she pulled it off which shows that she does have some pretty good skills. That being said she isn’t really a fighter. Neither is Minnie Mouse but at least the latter has some mild spells and even a tiny barrier that she used once in Kingdom Hearts. That will be enough to repel Hannah Montana and keep Minnie on top. She won’t be going down here. Minnie Mouse wins.

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Rupert Thorne vs Kingpin

Suggested by Destroyer Rupert Thorne and Kingpin are fairly similar. Both of them plan to rule the underworld someday. The main difference here is that Kingpin has actually succeeded in that mission while Thorne is always treated more like a two bit player. Kingpin also has better weapons at his disposal and in a fist fight he would easily demolish Thorne. Kingpin’s actually gone up against Spiderman, Thorne would never be able to do something like that. Kingpin wins.

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Space Godzilla vs Tom

Suggested by Destroyer Space Godzilla is an incredibly powerful Kaiju. He has TK abilities which is really handy for any fighter and he also has the massive advantage in sheer size. He could just step on Tom and call it a day. I don’t see this cat being able to do anything to really stop an opponent like this. Space Godzilla will end up with a decisive victory and the outcome of this fight will never be in doubt. Better luck next time Tom! Space Godzilla wins.

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The BioLizard vs Tom

Suggested by Destroyer The BioLizard is an incredibly powerful monster from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. To say that he would be able to defeat Tom in a fight would be an extreme understatement. Tom isn’t even in the same league as this guy and would definitely not last for very long in a straight fight. Tom is absolutely outclassed in just about every state so the point where his best bet here is to just run away. Trying to take on a monster who can fire energy blasts of this magnitude is just not feasible. The Biolizard wins.

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Dazzler (DC) vs Dazzler

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for Dazzler to make her debut on the blog. Surprisingly she had not fought before now. The other Dazzler is an obscure Green Lantern villain. He has powerful mind bolts and telepathy which can definitely be handy but it won’t be enough here. Dazzler’s powerful light beams will keep the guy from being able to focus and she can also use her light as an offensive weapon as well. She has more fighting experience and her abilities are more versatile than DC’s which will result in her win. Dazzler wins.