Gao Mikado vs Lightning

Suggested by Sonic Gao Mikado has a ton of cards and he’s had good fights with many challengers over the years. He has no individual card that can defeat Lightning so the question is whether he can win with sheer numbers. I can see him making this a close fight but ultimately Lightning should win. She has shown the stamina needed to fight armies in the past and does have a variety of summons at the ready as well which will aid her in combat. Ultimately Gao will be on the back foot here. Lightning wins.

Frieza vs Ryu

Suggested by Sonic Ryu got a good boost thanks to Asura’s Wrath but I don’t think that will be enough to take down Frieza here. Frieza got his golden form which massively boosted his stats to the point where there are very few who can reasonably hope to take him down. Ryu has the edge in actual combat skill but it just doesn’t make a difference when your opponent is that much stronger than you. They aren’t in the same league and Frieza could end the universe on a whim. Frieza wins.

Yusuke vs Zero

Suggested by Sonic Zero has his Z saber and multiple lifetimes worth of experience. That said, he isn’t going to be ready to duke it out with someone like Yusuke here. Yusuke has the massive edge in power and speed. As good as Zero is, his durability also isn’t quite up to par with Yusuke’s. When a robotic part is destroyed there is no coming back from that and Yusuke hits with the best of them. Ultimately this fight will become worse for Zero as it goes on. Yusuke wins.

Megaman SF vs Tsuna

Suggested by Sonic Megaman SF has a lot of forms and may be the strongest Megaman version next to EXE. That said, Tsuna is one of the highest tier Shonen Jump leads and his speed by the end of the series was insane. SF may have more raw attack power but I see Tsuna overwhelming him in an aerial battle and ultimately SF won’t have the reserves needed to win. This should be an intense battle all the way to the end. Tsuna wins.

Rukia vs Asta

Suggested by Sonic Rukia and Asta are both fighters who grew massively stronger as their series went on. Rukia certainly was captain level by the end of her adventure and Asta achieved that status in his verse as well. Ultimately I would give Asta the edge because he can keep up with Rukia’s speed and his anti magic should have a good effect against her ice. I would trust his ability a lot in that matchup and should have the edge in close quarters. Asta wins.

Shadow Cat vs Gamora

Suggested by Destroyer Shadow Cat’s ability to move through objects and even other fighters is a handy one. That said, it won’t be enough to stop Gamora, known as the deadliest woman alive. Gamora has super strength and a whole host of excellent close combat skills. She would have the advantage the instant they both began fighting and then some. Shadow Cat would be on the defensive right from the jump. Ultimately she doesn’t have a way to bring Gamora down without getting sliced away. Gamora wins.

Cataleya vs Salt

Suggested by Destroyer This is certainly a tricky fight. Both Salt and Cataleya are experienced fighters in their own rights. Salt is a CIA agent while Cataleya is an experienced assassin and both of them can fight without the guns if needed. That said, that is where I would give Salt the edge. Salt is really a great fighter in every circumstance and if their guns cancel each other out, I would trust Salt more in a close combat scenario. Salt wins.

Jack Skellington vs Jack Sparrow

Suggested by Destroyer Jack Sparrow and Jack Skellington aren’t primarily fighters but they can land a blow or two when needed. That said, Skellington has his elemental attacks which give him a real fighting chance here. There’s not a whole lot that Sparrow can do to block those attacks and his immortality won’t be doing a whole lot to keep him in fighting shape. Sparrow will be overwhelmed. Jack Skellington wins.

Sailor Mercury vs Bowser Jr

Suggested by Destroyer Bowser Jr has a lot of little robots and gadgets at his disposal but none of them will be enough to stop Mercury. Jr’s best bet is his Shadow Mario form and even then the issue is that he has no good long range options. Mercury can destroy him from afar with her water blasts and that will be the end of the battle. Mercury’s weakness is her durability but this isn’t a weakness that Bowser Jr will be able to exploit. As a result he has no real shot here. Sailor Mercury wins.

Iron Fist vs Espio

Suggested by Destroyer Iron Fist may usually get rolled if he fought Espio in base form but he once obtained the Phoenix Force which is an incredible boost. Espio has super speed so you don’t want to count him out entirely but it isn’t quite in the same level as Sonic or Shadow. Espio may be able to dodge some attacks but ultimately I don’t see any way for him to actually fight back hard enough to get the win. Iron Fist can unleash a massive fire blast and win the round just like that. Iron Fist wins.