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Giratina vs Pyron

Suggested by Sonic Pyron is a pretty powerful being and definitely the most iconic Darkstalkers fighter. He has fire abilities but on an almost cosmic level at times. He can also change his size. The reason I don’t think this will be enough in this case is because we haven’t really seen him at his best. Most of his feats are from general knowledge but on screen I don’t see him as being fast enough to keep up with Giratina. Giratina is also very powerful so I don’t doubt that his attacks will chip away at Pyron quite a bit until victory is assured. Giratina wins.

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Titanosaurus vs Cosmic Clone

Suggested by Destroyer Cosmic Clone has returned but he definitely will not fare well against Titanosaurus. I don’t even really need to get into how this is a complete mismatch in favor of the Kaiju. Any attack the Clone tries wouldn’t do any real damage to this Titan. Additionally, Cosmic Clone’s durability doesn’t seem particularly great so one hit is all that the monster would need to end things. Cosmic Clone just never stood a chance. Titanosaurus wins.

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Hedorah vs Pokey

Suggested by Destroyer Hedorah is known as one of the strongest Kaiju out there. He was easily defeating Godzilla in their first battle. Pokey really wouldn’t last long here as Hedorah can just assimilate him. Hedorah can also just jump on top of Pokey and that would be the end of the match. What hurts Pokey here is the fact that he isn’t a very mobile fighter. What this means is that Pokey can’t dodge any of Hedorah’s one hit KO moves. Hedorah wins.

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Godzilla Junior vs Pokey

Suggested by Destroyer Godzilla Junior is a pretty interesting character. He looks a little too similar to Godzilla which is why I suspect he never became too popular. Odds are you would just prefer the original. At least Minya had his own design. Still, Junior is powerful in his own right and would be able to take down Pokey in a single move. A quick Atomic Breath attack or a punch would end this in an instant. There’s really nothing Pokey can do to even try and avoid the attack so the round will be over in an instant. Godzilla Junior wins.

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Alien Queen vs Pokey

Suggested by Destroyer The Alien Queen is a pretty powerful fighter and one that should not be underestimated. Her physical power is on a completely different level next to Pokey’s. I’d like to see him try to make this an even fight. A single slash or bite from the Queen would end things and she is also a lot faster than Pokey which makes the situation all that much more hopeless. At the end of the day there just isn’t much that he can do to resist her abilities and his losing streak may not end here. Pokey just isn’t that powerful. Alien Queen wins.

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Kumonga vs Pokey

Suggested by Destroyer Pokey is a pretty fun Mario enemy but he is definitely outmatched against a huge Kaiju like Kumonga. Kumonga can just shoot some web and it would probably have enough force to knock Pokey out. Alternately he can swing one of his legs and take Pokey down as well. Pokey is a resourceful fighter who can split himself up but ultimately doesn’t have a wide array of attacks. His only real option is to try to slam into Kumonga and such an attack would ultimately be counter intuitive here. Kumonga wins.

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Cosmic Clone vs Mr Incredible

Suggested by Sonic The Cosmic Clone is a pretty interesting fighter. We never learned all that much about him and I suspect that we never will. Really the main answer here is that he was just created as a nice little gimmick to the running levels. Still, you feel like there is probably something sinister about the guy. He has no real special abilities though so he won’t last long against Mr Incredible. Mr Incredible has super strength at his disposal and it’s also very hard to injure him in the slightest. What this means is the Cosmic Clone is completely out of options here. A single punch should end this. Mr Incredible wins.

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Scarlet Witch vs Manthing

Suggested by Sonic Manthing is a pretty interesting character. He does feel like a watered down Swamp Thing for the most part but that doesn’t mean he’s weak. Still, Scarlet Witch won’t really have a problem with him. Her magical abilities far exceed any of Manthing’s moves and so she is in perfect position to score a decisive win here. A quick fire spell would deal massive damage and she can also fire off some solid normal energy blasts to have the same effect. Either way there’s no stopping her. Scarlet Witch wins.

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Yoshi vs Predator

Suggested by Sonic The Predator is a pretty tough hunter. They’ve gone up against actual Xenomorphs after all and you have to have a certain amount of ability to do that. That being said, Yoshi’s definitely got this win in the bag. I don’t really see him having a lot of trouble with the Predator, if any at all. The two of these guys are just in completely different leagues so there’s not much that could be done to stop this dino. Yoshi can spit out some fireballs and move too quickly for Predator to try and land a finishing blow. At the end of the day Predator has no defense against the unrelenting egg attacks. Yoshi wins.

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Panel de Pon Review

It’s time to look at a very obscure SNES game. I was pretty surprised they got this one for the latest update but it’s always nice to have more games to check out. The menus aren’t translated but it’s easy enough to figure out where you have to go. I started the equivalent of what arcade mode would likely be and ended up beating the first 3 chapters and a boss which was nice progress. The gameplay takes a little bit of getting used too after doing a lot of Tetris but I eventually got the hang of it. You certainly have to move fast or you’ll be buried in blocks.

There seems to be a bit of a plot. I assume that a demon lord is trying to invade the world and now the magical girls are asking you for help to stop this impending crisis. Along the way they’re teaching you how to play to see if you’re really worthy. I don’t know Japanese though so that’s my best interpretation of what’s going on. The game has blocks coming from the ground rather than the sky so think of it as a reverse Tetris. You have to match 3 blocks together in order to eliminate them. The key is to keep the blocks from reaching the top or you will lose. Once you have blown up enough blocks then the level will end and you’ll be safe. Boss battles work in a similar fashion except you keep matching blocks until the boss’ health goes all the way down. At that point you will have concluded the battle.

How you play is you move the icon over the blocks and then click to flip them. Your icon has 2 slots so you can leave one slot empty to move the block to it. Alternately you flip them horizontally so that you will be able to make more matches. It’ll take some trial and error at first but gradually you’ll start seeing patterns a lot quicker. That’s good because the levels get really difficult. I had quite a few deaths on the third level and a ton on the boss. It’s just hard to keep on matching when everything is going so fast.

One thing I’d recommend doing is to sometimes just randomly move pieces along in the bottom of the screen to get things moving. I found that I would make matches that I didn’t even know were there. I don’t think it’s the most efficient method in the longrun since you want to actually find the real pieces soon but if you’re in an absolute pinch then go for it. The worst thing to do in this game is hesitate or do nothing so just moving things around can really help you get a fresh perspective. It’s a pure desperation move but it did save me a few times. Well….that and the rewind feature of course.

The graphics are pretty solid here. The colors are very vibrant and it’s aged really well. This game could pass for being a bit newer than it actually is. At worst it may seem a little blurry at times but at best it’s all very smooth like an N64 title. The soundtrack is less memorable to me but it’s handled pretty well I’d say. It fits in with the game. It’s all pretty peaceful and serene.

Overall, Panel de Pon is a solid puzzle game so long as you really enjoy the gameplay. While I was starting to get used to it, it’s not quite as fun for me as traditional Tetris. There are less movements you can make due to the nature of the game so while the strategy isn’t any lower, it feels like there is less to do at times. The story probably could have also helped boost it up real quick if I knew what was going on. Still, it’s great that Nintendo is letting us play this game. I’m sure people probably thought the day may never arrive at this rate. If you like this style of gameplay then you should definitely check it out.

Overall 5/10