Michelangelo (1970’s) vs Peter Griffin

Michelangelo has definitely fared the worst from all of the TMNT characters. He definitely does tend to lose his composure in the middle of a fight as his thoughts drift towards pizza. Still, he is more than a match for someone like Peter Griffin. Griffin was never even close to being a decent character and at the very least Michelangelo has some combat skills. I can’t say the same for Peter. Michelangelo (1970’s) wins.


Alex Hopper vs Dipsy

Dipsy is a resourceful fighter, but that won’t be enough for Alex Hopper. He was able to successfully break into a store and steal some food for himself during the movie Battleship. That already shows that the man has talent. He also has a gun which is always useful to have in a pinch. Dipsy can try to run around which will buy some time, but certainly not much. At the end of the day Dipsy just won’t be able to beat Alex. Alex Hopper wins.

Tsukasa vs Kite

Tsukasa may be a wavemaster, but that doesn’t mean that he is a match for a veteran like Kite. Kite learned many powerful spells and magical abilities throughout the course of the game while also being a proficient close quarters fighter. Tsukasa has a powerful monster under his command but otherwise his speed stat is close to 0. Kite will easily be able to fight off the tag team long enough to land enough good hits on Tsukasa. Kite wins.

Bart Simpson vs Cinder

Suggested by Destroyer Bart Simpson is a kid who doesn’t really care for authority too much. That’s too bad for him because disobeying Cinder means an early death. Her fire abilities will be far too much for him and Bart doesn’t have enough speed to dodge any of her attacks. He was doomed as soon as the fight started and at the end of the day he wouldn’t have even been able to have put up a fight against Cinder before she became a maiden. Cinder wins.

Jigglypuff vs Kirby

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Suggested by Sonic Kirby and Jigglypuff are compared a lot as both fighters look really similar and are actually quite powerful. They each have a ton of abilities at their disposal so this kind of fight can go either way. That being said, I have to give Jigglypuff the edge here. Her energy blasts can match Kirby’s and her speed is on par as well. Both fighters have healing abilities and countless other tricks up their sleeve, but the Puff also has an evolved state which increases her abilities even further. Jigglypuff wins.

Nico Minoru vs Rias Gremory

Suggested by iKnowledge Nico Minoru is a pretty strong mage in the Marvel universe who isn’t quite as well known as she could be as the Runaways just never broke out in the same way as the more popular Marvel teams. She does have a big weakness as she can only use each kind of spell once though. Either way Rias is considerably faster than Nico though so the spells won’t be of much help. Rias also has energy blasts of her own which would easily disintegrate Nico. Rias Gremory wins.

Living Laser vs Karolina Dean

Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these fighters have very similar abilities. They are highly proficient at firing lasers and can move at super speeds. Karolina has a lot of potential, but she also certainly has less actual combat experience than the Living Laser. In a fire fight I don’t thinks he would be able to land as many hits as a result and likely won’t have the same level of stamina either. Perhaps in the future she will be able to change that. Living Laser wins.

Dario Brando vs Segata Sanshiro

Suggested by Adrogoz Dario Brando is back once again, but now he is up against one of the martial art champs! Segata isn’t the kind of guy who will pull his punches and it’s safe to say that he is considerably more powerful than Dario. He would be able to defeat the guy with a single punch and that’s before he gets serious. That’s the difference in their abilities. Segata Sanshiro wins.

Dario Brando vs Nami

Suggested by Adrogoz Dario Brando is a new fighter who is ready for some action, but I’m afraid that there aren’t many fighters that he can beat. The guy is effectively just an old man who might have a gun at best. Nami could easily beat him in close quarters combat or she can just zap him with a lightning bolt. As Dario isn’t exactly a quality character I don’t expect that he will go very far in his future fights either. Meanwhile Nami continues her winning streak. Nami wins.

Dracula vs Ken Kaneki

Suggested by Destroyer Dracula is a tough opponent for anyone and his healing capabilities make it difficult to destroy him. That being said, he is still not going to last very long against Ken. Ken has taken on opponents who would strike fear into the vampire and regeneration doesn’t mean much when you are completely outmatched in attack power and speed. Ken Kaneki can stick to charging right at Dracula each time and he will still claim an easy win. Ken Kaneki wins.