Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Stats and Records

Dbz Stats

Zenny 2782

Dragon Simulator Highscore Vegeta 1184800

Survival Mode

Bardock War
Defeated 50
Time 26m
Score 426500
Z Rank

Dragon Classic
Defeated 50
Time 27m
Score 344500
Z Rank

All Star
Defeated 50
Time 1h 4m
Score 417000
Z Rank

Mission Mode Stats Time Score Rank

Mission 1 5m 218500 B
Mission 2 2m 213500 B
Mission 3 5m 268500 A
Mission 4 3m 248500 A
Mission 5 3m 243500 A
Mission 6 4m 234500 A
Mission 7 8m 235500 A
Mission 8 4m 218500 B
Mission 9 6m 208500 B
Mission 10 2m 274500 A
Mission 11 4m 250500 A
Mission 12 2m 209500 B
Mission 13 2m 281500 Z
Mission 14 4m 275500 A
Mission 15 3m 236500 A
Mission 16 3m 250500 A
Mission 17 7m 224500 A
Mission 18 2m 187500 B
Mission 19 4m 227500 A
Mission 20 6m 212500 B
Mission 21 4m 224500 A
Mission 22 10m 154500 C
Mission 23 3m 206500 B
Mission 24 5m 198500 B
Mission 25 8m 190500 B
Mission 26 6m 235000 A
Mission 27 3m 235500 A
Mission 28 7m 242000 A
Mission 29 5m 230500 A
Mission 30 4m 227500 A
Mission 31 11m 175500 B
Mission 32 4m 275500 A
Mission 33 10m 207500 B
Mission 34 5m 263500 A
Mission 35 8m 210500 B
Mission 36 3m 138500 C
Mission 37 7m 200500 B
Mission 38 4m 205500 B
Mission 39 7m 169500 B
Mission 40 2m 251500 A
Mission 41 5m 191500 B
Mission 42 6m 204500 B
Mission 43 3m 245500 A
Mission 44 5m 191500 B
Mission 45 10m 210500 B
Mission 46 8m 196500 B
Mission 47 5m 171500 B
Mission 48 11m 198500 B
Mission 49 8m 219500 B
Mission 50 5m 180500 B
Mission 51 8m 197000 B
Mission 52 5m 232500 A
Mission 53 9m 191500 B
Mission 54 4m 164500 B
Mission 55 4m 245500 A
Mission 56 7m 176500 B
Mission 57 6m 210500 B
Mission 58 8m 208500 B
Mission 59 2m 247500 A
Mission 60 5m 220000 A
Mission 61 7m 183500 B
Mission 62 2m 260000 A
Mission 63 8m 137500 C
Mission 64 4m 202500 B
Mission 65 5m 203500 B
Mission 66 8m 188000 B
Mission 67 7m 247000 A
Mission 68 3m 228000 A
Mission 69 7m 208000 B
Mission 70 5m 185000 B
Mission 71 7m 201000 B
Mission 72 7m 208000 B
Mission 73 5m 173500 B
Mission 74 6m 219500 B
Mission 75 6m 287500 Z
Mission 76 7m 171000 B
Mission 77 5m 216000 B
Mission 78 2m 202500 B
Mission 79 8m 194500 B
Mission 80 1m 201500 B
Mission 81 3m 138500 C
Mission 82 3m 128000 C
Mission 83 2m 130500 C
Mission 84 2m 119500 C
Mission 85 2m 207500 B
Mission 86 2m 175500 B
Mission 87 3m 140000 C
Mission 88 2m 198500 B
Mission 89 4m 149500 C
Mission 90 2m 187500 B
Mission 91 1m 221500 A
Mission 92 2m 170500 B
Mission 93 2m 123000 C
Mission 94 2m 153500 C
Mission 95 2m 129500 C
Mission 96 4m 213500 B
Mission 97 1m 216500 B
Mission 98 2m 172500 B
Mission 99 2m 239000 A
Mission 100 2m 225500 A

Character Stats

Goku Early Max
Kid Gohan Max
Piccolo Early max
Vegeta Scouter max
Krillin Max
Trunks Sword max
Goku Mid Max
Teen Gohan Max
Piccolo end Max
Vegeta Max
Tien Max
Chiaotzu Max
Trunks Max
Kid Trunks Max
Goten Max
Vegeta Majin Max
Vegeta Second max
Ultimate Gohan Max
Gohan Max
Goku end Max
Goku GT Max
Future Gohan Max
Videl Max
Hercule Max
Vegeta saiyan 4 Max
Uub Max
Pan Max
Saibamen Max
Nappa Max
Raditz Max
Nail Max
Supreme Kai Max
Yajirobe Max
Master Roshi Max
Ginyu Max
Dodoria Max
Zarbon Max
Jeice Max
Burter Max
Recoome Max
Guldo Max
King Vegeta Max
King Cold Max
Frieza Soldier Max
Cui Max
Appule Max
Mecha Frieza Max
Frieza Max
Cell Max
Cell Jr Max
Dr Gero Max
Android 19 Max
Android 18 Max
Android 17 Max
Android 16 Max
Majin Buu Max
Majin Buu Evil Max
Super Buu Max
Kid Buu Max
Babidi Max
Dabura Max
Spopovich Max
Salza Max
Dr Wheelo Max
Slug Max
Turles Max
Garlic Jr Max
Bardock Max
Fasha Max
Cooler Max
Meta Cooler Max
Android 13 Max
Broly max
Zangya Max
Bojack Max
Janemba Max
Syn Shenron Max
Pikkon Max
Super 17 Max
Nuova Shenron Max
Baby Vegeta Max
Hirudegarn Max
Tapion Max
Demon King Piccolo Max
Tambourine Max
Pilaf Machine Max
Devilman Max
General Blue Max
General Tao Max
Cyborg Tao Max
Kid Goku Max
Chichi Max
Grandpa Gohan Max
Nam Max
Android 8 Max
Arale Max

26 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Stats and Records

  1. stop it, already. you don’t have any education to back up the stuff you put out. it’s ridiculous. here are some cold, hard facts. hulk can take thor, he’s stopped, and almost killed, the juggernaut, and it’s been recently stated, by marvel, that he’s the most powerful force on earth (and possibly most powerful mortal in universe). that’s based solely on his strength and durability. don’t just say “thor’s got this” and not be able to prove it. it really doesn’t matter, in the grand scheme, because thor owns silver surfer, hulk owns thor, but surfer owns hulk. see? inconsistencies are all over the place. one more thing. you pick some pretty weak opponents to beat superman. don’t get me wrong. he’s annoying, but when you look at his feats and everything he can do, no anime pushover is gonna beat him. anime is like a parody of the comic industry. they have incredible powers, yes, but not when placed in marvel/dc universe. really. and why even post goku vs krillin? there’s no feasibility in that fight. that’s like asking who would win between a penguin and a grizzly bear, which is just plain stupid. no entertainment, or debate, whatsoever. bye.

    • Glad you checked out those fights. They were pretty amazing! Well I don’t know how this relates to DBZ Stats and Records, but….Thor pwns Hulk. Hulk is just not quick enough to react to Thor’s moves in time for a counterattack. Also Anime characters could pwn Superman. I can think of over 200 who can. There’s even more but why bother. I know my matches are super cool, but don’t let it get to you

  2. You’re right. I’m sorry. I must be cranky from being logical. Oh, well, everyone does have the right to think what they want, even when it’s wrong. I have researched every fight hulk had with thor, hercules, juggernaut, sivler surfer, and even sentry. He lost won all but one with thor, all with hercules, pretty much even with juggernaut, is afraid to fight the surfer (for some reason), and (out of all of them) is the only one to stand toe to toe (without any outside interference) with the sentry victorious. Thor took Sentry and got clobbered. He only was able to kill Robert Reynolds in human form (which Reynolds begged him to do). I used to think Goku, and others like him, could take supes, but I’ve researched abilities, and it’s not even close. NOT… EVEN… CLOSE! Goku can dish out huge damage, but on duability, feats, and speed (to name only a few), he’s in preschool compared to guys like ol’ Clark Kent. I wish it were otherwise. I used to pull for the anime dudes. Reality set in and, with it, the realization that anime wannabes are just cheap knock offs that pale in comparison. Goku’s fastest move is his instant transmission, which takes time and concentration and is somewhere close to light speed. Uh, superman has FTL (faster than light) speed and can use it regularly, without getting tired. I’m sorry, but I’m saying this as fact, not opinion. Hulk recently got so powerful that his footsteps were about to destroy the entire eastern seaboard of the USA. On top of that, most of these guys can survive in space. I don’t know. Give me facts and a good argument, and I might consider what you have to say. However, I do apologize for seeming angry, at you, earlier. We can agree to disagree. I’m right, though. But don’t let it get to you. Peace.

    • Sure it’s all cool. But Goku is my main disagreement, I mean instant transmission is instant. It doesn’t look like it in the anime, but remember the anime somehow turned Goku vs Frieza into 10 episodes. Also Goku can destroy whole universes with a single blast (My reasoning being Vegeta with a power level of 18000 could and Goku has a power level of over 1,000,000,000. Also whenever Goku is hurt and healed he gets stronger. Once Goku punched someone (Super 17) across the whole planet. Also Goku doesn’t get tired fast. He trained with the gravity 50 times that of earth for a long time. That was back in arc 1. Also there is one good thing for Goku. Even if Superman kills Goku, Goku can do something most people can’t. Even while he’s dead he can come back to the real world and keep fighting. That’s because when you die in that world you keep your body and while you are techniqlly dead you actually aren’t. When you die you are transported to a planet far away but you are still alive. They say you are dead, but you aren’t because in Arc 3 Buu found them. They were just far away. The Hulk is definitely tough, but if Goku explodes the planet then the Hulk won’t be able to win. He’d survive but in space Goku would have the advantage. He’s still just as fast and can fly really fast. So Hulk wouldn’t be able to catch him and Goku could keep blasting him. Plus Goku keeps senzu beans with him. They can heal anything except internal diseases. As for Superman if Goku explodes the sun then Superman wouldn’t have his power source. So while Superman wouldn’t get weak fast, Goku would last a while and eventually Superman would start to falter.

      also this is an all out fight so the characters will do anything to win, since in real life Goku wouldn’t blow up the planet or the sun. And superman wouldn’t kill him…..maybe I’m actually not sure since the modern comics change things. Also just to knnow at which point did you realize anime characters were weaker. Like which show or manga were you watching or reading

  3. Because each universe has it’s own rules and the characters are skewed to a degree. In space, Goku would die pretty quick, and in all of the vs. threads I’ve seen, resurrection doesn’t count. Hulk can survive in space, and you can’t go with power levels, because the Japanese versions quit using them way before 1,000,000 because they were ridiculous (it’s the main reason the japanese think the american versions are dumb). Think about it. No matter how much they upgrade, the explosions always look the same and nothing really changes, except the bad guys are “more powerful” and, therefore, the good guys have to get stronger, also. Everyone knows that certain things are “unique” to certain universes. Everyone in DBZ can blow up planets, but the power ups take all day and they all bleed and die way too easy. I’ve never seen a DBZ goon who can power up quick enough to give Supes, Thor, Hercules, Sentry, Hulk, Juggernaut, Silver Surfer, or anyone in that league a run for their money, much less defeat them. I know instant transmission is instant, but Goku has to do a gay concentration stance to pull it off. And even if he was allowed to blow up a planet, the resulting explosion would just clear the air for the other guys, and they could just watch while Goku suffocated. He’s one of the dumbest (and I say that with love) o/p good guys ever created. Silver Surfer, for example, can fly through planets without even slowing down, no “power ups” required. Goku has NEVER come back, right away, after death to beat someone. It has always taken time. One other thing… throw away the senzu beans, because you and I both know Goku would. If he does have one thing, it’s honor. You can’t take that away from him. But if he had them, Supes would just take them before he could use them, Hulk would smash them while he’s smashing Goku, Thor would knock him out with his hammer and plant a senzu tree in his memory, Juggernaut would run right through him, and Sentry would just copy Supes because he’s unoriginal (but still powerful). I’m sorry. I really am. But no resurrection, no senzu, and no comebacks from the dead (they wouldn’t matter, anyway). And finally no contest. I know! Goku vs. Pikachu. That’s a good one.

    • But for the sake of the blog I make it so every character is fighting all out and doing everything to win. Otherwise your right, A true saiyan like Goku wouldn’t use a cheap trick like healing himself. No saiyan would ever do that….Except Trunks, but I never considered him a true saiyan. He’s only half. Also Saiyans never run, but Trunks has suggested it more than once.

      One quick sec away from that is Goku vs Pikachu an official request, depending when you respond I could have it up today or tomorrow! And if it is Thanks, Requests are always welcome.

      OK back to the fight let’s say Hulk and Superman beat Goku, now your even saying that Juggarnaut can win. I’m not saying Juggarnaut’s weak, but he’s not exactly on the same level as the other two. hulk and Superman are both stronger and quicker than Juggarnaut. Also I doubt Goku would lose in one hit. If it’s one thing he’s shown it’s that he can take a lot of punishment. Also if this is all out Goku can teleport Juggarnaut to the sun and drop him in. While Juggarnaut may not die (I’m not sure because I think I read he’s stronger now) Goku could just blow up the sun. That would have to defeat Juggarnaut.

      For Thor Goku would need to surprise him. If Goku can get the hammer away then I think he has the match. Because if someone’s worthy they can use the hammer, I would think Goku’s worthy. I mean he’s even nicer than Superman. Even after Frieza murdered a whole race, A lot of other races, and Even his Best Friend, Goku still showed him mercy in the end and gave him some power. While most would say that was a bit too nice it just shows that Goku always tries not to destroy characters. He always thinks there’s a bit of good left in them. Like with Vegeta in early season 1. He let him go. Not that he could have stoppoed him, but supposedly Krillin would have gotten him. Also in one fight Goku looked especcialy good, just the anime slowed him down. Watch this video because it speeds it up a bit so it’s more like the manga.

      Now for Goku vs Superman, you still haven’t explained what Superman would do if Goku blew up the sun. Also since this is an all out fight Goku can do cheap tricks like Solar Flare, which will blind Superman even if only for an instant. That’s all Goku would need to hammer it home with the Ultimate Kamehameha.

      I won’t even bother with Sentry. Also you still haven’t said which anime fight or just scene turned you off from anime.

      For Silver Surfer just watch the show and see what happens to him, in every episode

      Aside from that is there any anime character you think can crush Superman, Thor and Hulk

  4. First of all, you can’t use movies with silver surfer. It’s non canon and the hollywood idiots are just that. Idiots. Let’s get this straight. I love Goku and he is super powerful. But, here’s where it gets tricky. It’s never really clear how strong he is. But, I know this; hulk, thor, superman, sentry, and silver surfer have all survived planet leveling explosions, in their faces, and survived. A lot of people keep referring to speed and flight as deciding factors against the hulk, but he has overcome them on numerous occasions. It’s been stated that his reaction time can cope with FTL characters. I just threw in the Jugg for good measure. He is virtually indestructible (look up trion juggernaut). As for my boredom with DBZ, I’ll just say this. After watching countless episodes, I realized how redundant the theme was. After Frieza, it was the same plot over, and over, and over, again. And power level numbers were obsolete after Frieza because the math didn’t add up. There is no 1,000,000,000 power level. The American versions made it up to show how powerful the characters could be, and it backfired. I’m sorry. I really used to argue, with my friends, that Goku would crush Supes. But, after careful study, I was sorely mistaken. The Kamehameha might (and that’s giving it a lot of credit) be a game winner, but he would never have the time to pull it off. There is also no single reference, ever, of anyone in DBZ destroying something as big as the sun. Doesn’t matter, anyway. Superman is a living battery. He has years of power reserves stored in his body. He’s said it more than once to enemies that have tied screwing with the sun to get the upper hand. They keep bragging about planet busting this and universe dominating that, but I see no real feats. Bring Supes to Goku’s world, and he might be in a little trouble. Bring Goku to Supe’s world, and the reverse is probably true. Make it neutral territory in, say, the Marvel universe and Supes doen’t even break a sweat. The DBZ world is too fantastical and cartoony. Besides, in the Cell saga, I saw Krillin toss a rock at Goku’s head, in Super Saiyan form, while he was napping. Goku almost got a concussion from that pebble. Really? None of the other characters would even have noticed. Power ups are cool, but against the Marvel/DC big boys, they’re obsolete. Superman has pulled planets back into orbit. He contained a black hole in his hand. He has punched a hole in reality. He can fly so fast that he time travels. A machine testing his strength said he was holding back so much weight, with one hand, the number of tons took up a whole panel. The thing is, comics make it seem like they are a certain way, but it because they don’t whack it out like anime does. Goku (and the others) take time to get from place to place. Supes, the Sentry, and the Silver Surfer can fly around the earth multiple times in one second, while multitasking. Goku loses. Trunks loses. Vegeta loses. Gohan loses. Majin Buu loses. Game over.

    • Here’s one time where a dbz character did blow up planets instead of just saying he would.

      Also Vegeta doesn’t lose. Goku’s one thing, but Vegeta is invincible. Superman’s tough, but Vegeta is faster and stronger. Also the Krillin throwing a rock thing was filler. Non Cannon. That would be like counting when Superman lost to those two human teenagers in the tv show. I mean they were practiclly kids and they beat him. Come on.

      Also Goku can break reality. Buu even broke it just by yelling. Goku doesn’t lose. Now if we were comparing Superman and Sailor Moon then that could be a differant story

  5. This will be my last post, then it will just be whatever. Vegeta is NOT invincible. He admitted, in the Buu saga, that Goku was a far superior fighter to him. Vegeta is cool, but that doesn’t win. As a matter of fact, it’s his pride that’s gotten his but handed to him, time and again. Buu was taking all day with his little reality bust, and Goku took even longer. Superman, with a single punch, busted through reality like a knife through hot butter. Invincible? No. Vegeta is like the tough guy punching bag of DBZ. He gets beat up all the time to set the stage for Goku, to do his thing. And don’t bring up DBGT. None of it counts. Akira Toriyama had nothing to do with it, and the real fans of DB/DBZ don’t even acknowledge it as part of the timeline. The lack of plot, originality, and entertainment in DBGT alone speaks volumes. Stroke the Vegeta vine all you want. They all lose. All of them. Every where. Every time. DBGT, are you kidding? SSJ4 is a joke. That’s why Goku got clobbered by super android teenager emo boy. I hate myself for ever even watching GT. As a matter of fact, it all sucked after Frieza. There were cool scenes, and things like that, but it was the same tired play after Frieza. He was an epic villian that got epic copied. Over, and over, and over, again. Farewell, my friend. May the power of Krypton be with you, because the power of DBZ died with DBGT. Peace.

    • Ok, but Vegeta is invincible. Also his pride is a good thing. That means he won’t take cheap shots like other characters. Even Superman has as seen in the show many times. And in Justice Legaue. Also Goku and Buu could break reality in an instant, but that would be no fun. Also GT is cool, I know that it’s non cannon, but it was still one of the greatest shows of all time. Well See Ya and embrace the Saiyan Power in You

  6. I have to admit, I like your passion. Vegeta is one of the coolest characters ever created, but he’s not invincible. Goku almost beat him to death, Frieza did beat him to death, Android 18 broke his arm and beat him senseless, Cell almost killed him in their first fight and was saved by teen Gohan in their second, he killed himself against fat Buu and only he died, and evil Buu was crushing him until Goku saved the day. I will say this. Almost all of what we say is speculation. Maybe Goku can win. Maybe not. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is… he rocks. Go Goku.

    • Definitely Vegeta is the best! But I found 2 things wrong with your Vegeta Battles.

      1. In there first fight Vegeta beat Goku, but then Gohan and Krillin were able to beat him, since he was already pretty weakened. Goku has actually never beaten Vegeta in the whole series. I couldn’t help but notice that.

      2. Cell beat Vegeta in there second fight. In there first fight Cell was in his imperfect form and Vegeta was clobbering him. Cell couldn’t even land any damage on Vegeta.

      Also Gohan wouldn’t have beaten Cell if not for Vegeta. But I’m glad you like Vegeta. He’s definitely a superb character. and Goku’s also pretty cool

  7. Nothing wrong, just being technical. Goku won against Vegeta in their first fight. How doesn’t matter, he won. In the first Vegeta/Cell fight, it didn’t stop until Cell became perfect. He won, hands down. Vegeta’s pride (he could’ve won if he didn’t let Cell Transform) was his bane, yet again. Touche, on the Gohan call. However, Vegeta would’ve been dead (again) if Gohan hadn’t already saved him earlier, which gives me the actual “touche.” I do my research and I know what I’m saying. Vegeta’s cool, but 2nd in power to Goku all the time.

    • I still wouldn’t say Goku won in that battle. If anything then it was Gohan’s victory. Because without his Great Ape form they were toast. Goku didn’t help at all in the end. He did a spirit bomb but that didn’t beat Vegeta. Also for Cell I count that as two differant fights. Because Vegeta fought Trunks in between.

      Also since Goku has never defeated Vegeta in one on one then we’ll never know if he’d win. Sure they hint that he would, but it’s not proven. Even when they fought in the Buu arc Vegeta beat Goku. Like you said it doesn’t matter how he won, just that he won.

  8. I can’t believe it’s going like this, but here we go. Vegeta had already lost and resorted to his ape form (cheating) to try and kill Goku (and earth). He was fighting cell, let cell transform (same fight) and, at most, took a break to put Trunks in his place. Cell won. In the Buu saga, Goku was holding back, not losing at all, and Vegeta was upset when he found out because, not only was he going all out, he had a power boost from Babidi. Goku has outclassed Vegeta ever since he fought Frieza, and even Vegeta finally admitted it. You can say you don’t know all you want, but I do. Goku owns Vegeta. This isn’t even up for debate. That controversy is ancient history. Fact = Goku > Vegeta. Period. End of story. Finito. The end. >sigh<

    • First of all Vegeta turning into a Giant Ape is not cheating. It’s just a super form. If Goku had kept his tail then he could have transformed too. Also for Cell since he took a break to fight Trunks the match ended. Then in the Buu arc Goku was holding back but it still counted. Then Vegeta knocked him out in one good punch. As for Vegeta admitting it, that was just one of those mistakes the Author wishes he could take back. Vegeta will always beat Goku. Goku is just not as powerful

  9. I thought we could, at least, use sense on the DBZ stuff. Vegeta admitted Goku’s power in the manga and the anime. It wasn’t a mistake. After his fight, in the Buu saga, ended, he hit Goku from behind. It wasn’t part of the fight. He even tricked Goku into thinking they were going to team up. Everyone knows this. He even said it wasn’t fair that a peasant (Goku) was more powerful, which forced him to go Ape. That was the only fight in which Vegeta stood a remote chance of beating Goku, one on one. Again, everyone knows this. He has NEVER been considered the most powerful person in DBZ (a title which even Picolo claimed for an episode). In the first series, it was Frieza, then Goku. Then it was the androids, then Picolo/Android 16, then Cell, then Gohan, then Goku SSJ3/Buu. Vegeta was #2, from time to time, but never #1. It’s fact compilation, not opinion based. Goku’s thrill of competition, which causes him to hold back, is why Vegeta stalemated him in the Buu saga. And Veggie boy was getting a serious power upgrade, at the time, from Babidi. This is cold fact. I’m sorry it hurt you so much. I really am. But Vegeta is a tragic token figure that, sadly, never got to realize the potential that his fans so badly wanted. Desire doesn’t create reality, and the reality is this. Goku was the guy that Akira Toriyama chose to be the main man. He has said so in interviews, himself. Do you really want to call the creator a liar, just because Vegeta makes you moist? That’s your call, but it changes nothing. Goku isn’t just the most powerful z fighter, but he’s the most powerful z fighter, by far. Simple fact. It sucks, because Goku’s a sissy to me. See? It doesn’t change anything. He still rules. Game over. New topic, please.

    • In early Android arc when Vegeta appeared in SSJ mode he had overcome Goku. He then surpassed Goku yet again when he came out of the time chamber. Also when Vegeta fought Goku in the Buu Arc he wasn’t using Super Saiyan 2. If he had been then he would have won that battle since Majin Form would add even more power.

      Vegeta is the strongest DBZ Fighter there is! But Goku’s a close third. Broly is tied with Vegeta for top spot

  10. No, no, no. In the Buu arc it has been established he was SSJ2 plus amp’d from babidi. That time chamber stuff is ridiculous, since Cell was still the most powerful and both Goku and Gohan passed Veggie boy right away in the time chamber. You don’t have any facts, at all. Just Vegeta fanboyism. My God, you have completely discredited all of your threads because you can’t separate fact from delusion. Vegeta has NEVER defeated Goku. The only time he had a shot was in the very first battle. After that, it was always Goku holding back. At the end of Dball, Z, and GT, it was always Goku who became the most powerful character in the timeline. It’s not what I believe, Vegetafan. It’s what I know. Vegeta is just a poster boy for anger management. Zarbon beat him, Recoome beat him, Frieza killed him, Android 18 humiliated him, Cell made a habit out of beating him, Majin Buu watched as he killed himself in a futile effort to be a man, then crushed him as kid buu. And, I didn’t want to do it, but here’s the kicker. In GT (since you love it so much) Goku achieved the evergay SSJ4 and beat Vegeta when he was turned bad. Then, the only way Vegeta could go SSJ4, he had to absorb the rays from the machine that Bulma made. He cheated, again. Goku attained SSJ4 naturally, just like everything he did. Vegeta can’t even stomach the fact that Goku’s saved his life. Vegeta knows it, admits it, even realizes it when the chips are down. Goku has a crazy natural ability to achieve great fighting potential. Vegeta said so, himself. And, it’s canon. Everything you say goes against everything I’ve seen, with my own eyes. Get a grip, like the one Goku has on Vegeta’s throat. Broly? He got outclassed a long time ago. SSJ3 does that with ease. Broly was a mistake and every true DBZ fan knows it. Broly’s a chump. The movie sucked and his character sucked. This debate is starting to suck. Tread ended. I win.

    • Not quite. When Vegeta first came out of the chamber he had totally surpassed everyone. No one was even close to him. He could have destroyed all of the Z Characters teaming up at that point. Also if we’re counting GT then that means we also count Evoloution. And in that Movie Goku couldn’t fight that much. Since Vegeta wasn’t in the movie we can assume he was stronger than Goku. Also Broly is the Ultimate Fighter. He feels no pain and could easily defeat Goku in Saiyan 4 mode. Also when Goku beat Baby in Vegeta’s body that doesn’t count as a win against Vegeta. It’s like when Ginyu possesed Goku. He wasn’t able to access even half of Goku’s power. The same goes for Baby. Vegeta’s too powerful. Also don’t forget when Vegeta beat Android 19. The Android 19!!!!!!! That’s impressive stuff. Even Goku couldn’t defeat him. 19 was pummeling him towards the end. That was one of the times I knew Vegeta was stronger. Also don’t forget he beat Goku back in Arc 1. Vegeta is the Prince of Saiyans! In fact aside from Broly, I’m not sure if anyone could even get a hit on Vegeta. He’s that powerful. Cool right

  11. I get it, now. You’re trolling me. Good job. I fell for it, temporarily. Oh, well, that was fun. I like how you were pretending Vegeta was so strong. You really had me going. Now I know you have a good sense of humor. Nice. Oh, well. I’m like you. I wish Vegeta was better. But, he was just a second rate. That really sucks, because he sure was cool. I like how Goku one shotted Broly without ssj2. That showed how much of a pushover Broly was. I know, it’s disappointing. You hear how all of these guys are so strong, and then they get wasted by Goku’s mentally challenged ass. What a waste. Why don’t you post this whole little discussion to see what other people say. It’ll be a riot when they get all mad thinking you believe Vegeta’s the most powerful, when you’re just kidding, the whole time. Well, bye now. I have to go do real life stuff. This thread is locked. By the way, I saw pieces of Cell everywhere after Sentry blew him up with one attack. It was like fireworks! Isn’t that cool? How Marvel wasted another DBZ wannabe? Sweet! Too bad Captain America wasn’t around. Then it might’ve been a good fight. Bye. (All future responses sent to logical will be auto-deleted. Have a nice day)

    • Huh…….Vegeta pwns! I never troll anybody. Also Cell could take down Sentry with one Galik Gun attack. Sentry is an okay fighter, but in the end he’d be in pieces. Also Cap is a human. He can’t touch Cell. He’d melt if he went too close.

      For Broly, well he never loses. He pwns and pwns until there’s nothing left. He’s unstoppable, sort of like how Vegeta is invincible. Vegeta can go Super Saiyan 4. With that kind of power no one can stop him.

      Also don’t forget if you want to help a character get wins in the blog do a request. I’ll respond pretty fast and you should see the fight up in a day or two.

      Don’t forget that Vegeta and Broly can’t lose.

      PS Don’t forget to advertise this blog

  12. You’re trolling, and I know it. And you know it. And everyone else knows it. I checked a reputable website, called Factpile.com, and I recommend you take a look. The designer uses facts from various sources and also lets the fans debate over topics. A very popular one is Goku vs Superman. Superman won, and it explains why. And it makes sense because it’s backed up by research. It was proven that Superman could win. They’re also debating Hulk, and it’s still going on, but it’s pretty even. Vegeta and Broly aren’t mentioned because they aren’t considered to be powerful enough, troll face. Goku and his kids have crushed Broly on separate occasions. Vegeta? Wow. You really do have a man crush on him. Gotta go, now. I have bigger trolls to beat.

    • Nah, I just know that Vegeta’s the strongest. This video shows why he’s stronger than Goku.

      As for Superman this video shows why he can’t control his own power.

      In this video Goku and Vegeta have a fair fight. Let’s see who yells at the end.

      Also no one crushes Broly. He may just be the strongest character in all media, Tied with Vegeta of course. Though you probably guessed that didn’t you. Vegeta just can’t lose. Why do you think he’s The Prince of Saiyans. Also aside from the fact that Vegeta’s invincible, he’s also achieved Super Saiyan 4. Pretty cool stuff. Superman can’t handle that

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