Game Records

F Zero GX Stats and Records

Racing Stats

34 Tickets

Story Mode

Chapter 1
Normal 1m 7s
Hard –

Chapter 2
Normal 1m 16s
Hard –

Chapter 3
Normal 1m 36s
Hard –

Chapter 4
Normal 2m 6s
Hard –

Chapter 5
Normal 47s
Hard –

Chapter 6
Normal 2m 46s
Hard –

Chapter 7
Normal 1m 49s
Hard –

Chapter 8
Normal 2m 18s
Hard –

Chapter 9
Normal 2m 32s
Hard –

Time Attack Stats

Ruby Cup 3 Stars

Mute City 1m 10s
Casino Palace 1m 18s
Sand Ocean 2m 14s
Lightning 2m 10s
Aeropolis 9m

Saphire Cup 2 Stars

Big Blue 4m 28s
Port Town 9m 40s
Green Plant 6m 40s
Port Town 9m 44s
Mute City 5m 44s

Emerald Cup 2 Stars

Fire Field 10m 40s
Green Plant 9m 36s
Casino Palace 11m 56s
Lightning 11m 20s
Big Blue 11m 20s

Diamond Cup 0 Stars

Cosmo Terminal 11m 52s
Sand Ocean 8m 36s
Fire Field 8m 24s
Aeropolis 11m 56s
Phantom Road 8m 12s

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