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Captain Atom vs Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond is pretty tough and has the speed to prove it. Though I don’t think he can take on Captain Atom. Captain Atom once fought with Superman and used his super strength, speed, and flight to do some heavy damage. Batman Beyond may be skilled, but not even he can win this round. Captain Atom wins.

4 thoughts on “Captain Atom vs Batman Beyond”

  1. MILES009 SAYS:
    May be if that Captain Atom Be So Powerful as say but take his powers out, and got nothing,No Super Speed,No Super Strenght, No Invulnerability, But Batman and Batman Beyond they Kick Your but with Out Super Powers, Even So they Have Brains and Know how to Use them, and I’m No Mention The Tools and Gadjets they use,those spensive toys they have, How most forget Batman Beyond Hast the Camuflage or Stealth mode how you wanna call it See Ya!.

    1. Yes, but Captain Atom has his powers for this round. With those nifty abilities it will be tough for him to lose right? Without powers this would definitely be a tough fight! I’d probably give it to Batman Beyond as well

  2. But Away That Picture of Batman Beyond Its very Cool, where do you take it or found it? If You found more of this kind of pic tell me

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