Freddy Krueger vs Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman is pretty tough, but not having a head can definitely be a disadvantage. In a close combat match Freddy Krueger should definitely have the advantage. That’s one guy that you definitely don’t wanna mess with. One slash is all he needs to turn the tides. Freddy Krueger wins.

2 thoughts on “Freddy Krueger vs Headless Horseman

  1. gonna say this no hate towards,the creator but the headless horsmen wins nomatter what cause 1 is pretty obvious he’s a vengeful spirit

    2: HE can Behead freddy killing him do to freddy becoming weaker in the human realm

    3: The headless horsemen can’t really dream sense he’s just a head and,having no head won’t be a problem till he gets a pumpkin s yeah freddy loses this one fast when the headless horsemen slices freddies head completely off.

    • I’ve just never been too impressed with the Headless Horseman previously. I need to see him actually dishing out some pretty powerful moves like that to really see him beating someone like Freddy

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