Megaman Nt Warrior Review

Megaman is a very large franchise which has split into various parts of the franchise. We have the Classic universe (Which spins off once again into another series titled Mega Man X), and the Battle Network universe (Which spins off into Starforce) There are always subtle references in each of the series they may be more connected than we realize. This manga adapts the Battle Network games (Very loosely) and I definitely didn’t realize the sheer magnitude of what I was getting into when I first checked out the series.

The series starts out with someone simulating how he’s going to destroy the world. It’s hard to take him seriously since the manga has just started, but we cut away to a school scene. Lan Hikari (The Main character) ditches school and rushes home since his father is expected to have finally made it. He’s often away and that doesn’t change as he is not at home. Something came up, so he had to cancel once again. Lan and Megaman exchange some harsh words, but they later put aside their differences to go save the school.

The series starts out with small time threats (Still serious threats of course, but not world shattering) like a train about to crash, or a prison that is guarded with electricity. Chaud and Protoman make their debut pretty early on and they instantly start off on the wrong foot with our two protagonists. Lan and Megaman decide to take them down since they callously destroy fellow navies, but defeating them will be tough. Protoman can reach mach 5 and his skills are considerable. (Only in volume 2 and I’d say that they’ve surpassed comic book characters) The first big threat is Dr. Wily and the legendary Life Virus monster. It was a solid way to start off the series, but I never really considered those two as a threat.

Eventually, The heroes go into the undernet and meet with the legendary Bass. Bass is the greatest character in all of media, but I’ll go into that a bit later in the review. Bass crushes them with ease and they are forced to find more power. Megaman comes across the four legendary navies and if he is able to defeat them..he will gain overwhelming power! A new villain group by the name of Grave starts to terrorize the world at around the same time. Megaman taps into his Hubstyle form and has a very climatic battle with the Virus Beast. Bass ended up coming along and the two of them have an immensely destructive battle. It’s one of the greatest battles to ever be seen and it was the first time that you could truly call the series High Tier. Remember Dragon Ball Z? This universe even surpasses that legendary series.

Unfortunately, Hubstyle won’t be enough to take on the next opponents. These guys wield dark powers and the light of Hubstyle is sucked away against them. Even without Hubstyle, Megaman has gained tremendous power thanks to his experience and expertise. Protoman also obtains the legendary Muramasa blade which gets stronger whenever Protoman gets inflicted with damage. It’s a very risky blade, but he has Megaman to back him up. The shadow masters are very powerful, but not exactly Megaman level. Things take a turn for the worst when….BASS shows up! His power has now multiplied exponentially and he’s seeking to destroy whoever gets in his way. Megaman and Protoman must use the legendary Double Soul technique if they wish to win. The battle is incredible and just as impressive as the first battle. This time, things don’t end so smoothly as the mighty…..LASERMAN shows up! After a cheap shot from behind and an assist stab from Dark Megaman, they decide to leave…with Bass. Megaman attempts to stop them, but Dark Megaman proves to be too powerful.

This next arc was pretty epic and it was definitely an intriguing experience to see Laserman in on the action. Unfortunately for his fans, Dark Megaman overshadows him for the whole series. Laserman doesn’t retain as much dignity as his anime counterpart, but his lines are definitely intense. Megaman and Dark Megaman have a pretty epic fight and the series continues to be great.

The next arc was the weakest from the bunch and Megaman became a criminal. There’s not much logic behind it, but the Government can do whatever they want, since it’s their country. Megaman tries not to hurt the attackers (Since he’s much stronger than them and could win with a single hit) and eventually he comes face to face with Cosmoman and Nebula Gray. Defeating them alone could prove difficult, but the always awesome Bass is also there to shake things up. Even together, can Megaman and Bass hope to defeat this being of pure evil?

The final arc deals with the menace of the Cybeasts. Megaman is one of the chosen warriors sent to fight in a tournament that will decide the right to battle them. The winner will have absorbed the emblems of the opponents that he defeated so that his power would be great enough to stop the Cybeasts. Things look to be pretty easy for Megaman…until the mighty Bass shows up! Which of them will win in this final battle!? Also, will the winner be able to defeat the Cybeasts!?

Lan makes for a decent character. He loses sight of his morals early on, but after that he never looks back again! Lan may be seen as a pretty generic character, but generic beats being a bad main character right? He will definitely put his life on the line for a comrade and he knows when it’s time to get serious. Chaud is also a pretty solid guy and he’s a good rival. He looks pretty great during his early appearances, but after that things go downhill for him. He tries to be optimistic about the whole thing, but he was utterly surpassed. He is still good for an assist once in a while. At the very least, Chaus is still a pretty smart guy and actually helps to find the mastermind behind the whole Grave incident. (Not that things go very well for him)

Megaman is the real star of this story. He’s a very good guy right from the start. Even after Lan ignores and abandons him, Megaman continues to do the right thing. He never resorts to destroying his opponent (Unless that opponent is endangering someone’s life and needs to be quickly stopped) Megaman’s already great personality becomes even greater when he is in his legendary Hubstyle mode. In that form, he’s easily one of my favorite characters of all time. He’s also immensely fast and his power is basically unstoppable. Megaman is the standard for what all main characters should be like.

Protoman is a good rival and he gives Megaman a good fight during their initial encounters. Once Megaman obtains Hubstyle, the gap in power is greatly changed. Protoman can no longer engage him in an equal battle, but he still finds other ways to be useful. With his Muramasa sword, he can still fight high level opponents. He also trains a lot and by the final chapter, he is once again a very tough opponent. Protoman can also help Megaman out through the Double Soul technique.

Chief Oda’s navi is very cool, but he’s never given an official name. It’s too bad since he’s a great opponent for Megaman and his skills are considerable. Megaman’s friends (Roll and Gutsman) are all right, but they never really get a great role. Torchman and Elecman are decently good characters, but not one of my favorites. Blasterman is pretty much a joke in the manga.

Serenade is a pretty great navi and his (Sometimes he is called a she so I’m not extremely certain of the gender. For reviewing purposes, I will refer to Serenade as a he) abilities are pretty intense. Serenade is one of the only fighters in existence who was able to go up against Bass on equal ground. He had one of the most emotional moments in the series and helped Megaman and Protoman to realize their full potential.

Laserman wasn’t one of the bigger characters to appear in the manga, but he needed an honorary mention since he’s become so popular on the net. (On the blog I write his name as Lazerman for effect, but if you go to youtube, you’ll find many videos with him) Laserman might not be as intense as his anime version, but he’s still a character that you won’t want to mess with.

Dark Megaman is a very interesting villain and his abilities are on par with Megaman’s. One can even argue that they temporarily exceeded his since Dark Megaman obtained some of Bass’s power. Dark Megaman also got a laser form and he was definitely one of Megaman’s deadliest threats. He’s another one of my favorite characters from the series.

There are several giant monsters in the series like the Life Virus, Virus Beast, Cybeasts, and Nebula Gray. They are all decently cool for the most part, but they don’t have much in the way of character development. Cosmoman briefly appears towards the end and his character was all right. We never really got to see much of him. I didn’t really care for Colonel or Tomohawkman, but they were all right.

There are many more characters that I could mention in the series, but I think that I’ve covered a good number of them. Let’s end off the characters with the greatest character in existence, Bass! Bass has been my favorite character of all time for a while now. I’m not even completely sure when it started, but I think that it must’ve been the manga. Bass has a very cool intro in the manga and he completely crushed the heroes. His power is unparalleled (No character in all of media could defeat him) and his speed is also off the charts. Bass also has a pretty great personality and he has a lot of honor. He would never resort to taking a hostage or hitting someone with a cheap shot. He likes to win fair and square so that his opponent will realize the gap in their power levels. Bass needs to prove that he’s the strongest and he usually does just that. After an opponent has proved himself worthy to be his rival, it’s not entirely out of the question for Bass to help him. Bass definitely isn’t a hero, but he’ll help if he wants to do so. If the world is about to end, he’ll try stopping it so that he can finish his fights. Also, how can an opponent try to destroy the planet when Bass is still around!? Bass also has a pretty tragic back story which helped to shape him into the being that he is today. Bass knows the dark depths of despair and he’s been able to live through it. Bass is not only the strongest physically, but mentally as well. His Get Ability also insures that he’ll never be destroyed. Bass will be around until the end of time. Hopefully this will put some enlightenment into why I think Bass is so great. If you’ve been around my sight, you’ll definitely be aware of my high respect for him.

Megaman NT Warrior is an incredible manga that has it all. The art is very high tier and I never get tired of looking at it. It was definitely very well done and some of the best art that I’ve ever seen. The fight scenes are some of the greatest in existence and the character roster is the greatest in existence. Having a character as great as Bass already boosts the series up, but having Megaman in his Hubstyle mode is overkill. This is a series that I have read and re read over a dozen times. I highly recommend buying it, since this is the ultimate manga experience.

Overall 10/10

2 thoughts on “Megaman Nt Warrior Review

  1. I think Godzilla could beat Bass personally. Who is Chief Oda’s navi? LaserMan was cool…so you preferred his anime incarnation? I was disappointed he wasn’t the big final boss. I think the author thought people would like Dark MegaMan more.

    • Chief Oda’s navi was never named, but his design is similar to Japanman’s. I wish he had been named because I definitely would have put him on the blog. Here’s a pic of the guy

      Seeing as how he was able to speedblitz Megaman, the guy’s already very powerful. Laserman was more of a threat in the anime version and the final battle helped him to rise up. Of course, I did like how he was independent of a netop in the manga which is a huge plus. Well, Dark Megaman makes for a more climatic end boss. He’s one of the only beings in media who can stand up to Megaman and his character is pretty cool. He was easily one of my favorite characters in the series

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