Megaman NT Warrior Review


After recently reviewing the Megaman NT Warrior manga it seemed like a good time to review the anime. While not quite as spectacular, it’s still a very solid anime and one that you won’t want to miss.

Lan is having a pretty bad day when the series starts, since he loses to the bully known as Dex. Dex isn’t quite as cruel as most bullies and he just has his fun messing with Lan. The whole school knows about his constant victories over Lan’s generic navi. Lan must have one of the weakest navies in all of existence, but that’s about to change. Lan gets a mysterious package from his father (Not directly since he’s rarely home) and installs the program. His navi is turned into the super powerful…Megaman!

Lan’s luck quickly changes for the better and Megaman crushes and humiliates Gutsman. The two heroes also go on to foil threats by World Three and they save lives. Things get serious when they announce that the N1 Grand Prix is coming up. Any battler who wants to boost his rep will be there and Lan definitely wants to win it all. We meet up with expert duelists like Chaud and….World Three? There are also fighters that you may have not expected, like the local fortune teller and a guy with a fish shaped helmet. Unbeknownst to all, the three (Sal is the third member) fighters are actually part of a superhero organization that is out to stop World Three. Their leader, Commander Beef, is actually a strong fighter and he shatters Protoman’s record for fastest victory in the tournament. Can Megaman possibly defeat these guys!? There are also two mysterious figures who operate the navies known as Blasterman and Stoneman…something seems odd about them! The tournament was definitely my favorite part of the series, but things stay epic as the tournament concludes.

An ultimately powerful navi by the name of Ba-Pharohman has been awakened and his power knows no limits. After terminating one of the main characters, (A pretty emotional scene) he proceeds to conquer the entire cyber network in a matter of seconds. Only a few characters are left to form the resistance against his tyranny, but can they possibly defeat his awesome power!? This was a very short arc, but it was definitely epic.

Things get a little lighter for Megaman and friends as they enjoy Net City. Unfortunately an evil organization by the name of Grave is out to wreck the place. They unleash their operatives around the city (Though Airman aims small and only seeks to defeat one civilian) and they unleash terror across the nation. Freezeman is a very high ranking officer and easily the best member of the group. He had an intense fight with Megaman and his battle against Torchman still ranks as one of the most epic battles of the series. The fight wasn’t long, but the stakes were a lot higher than usual. His battle with Megaman was also intense because he was the first seriously tough opponent to challenge the Blue Bomber in a long time. Things look dire for the heroes until…BASS shows up! Naturally, things get extremely dicey for Freezeman when that happens, but you’ll want to see the scene for yourself.

Grave also unleashes the Grave Virus Beast, whose defense is very formidable. The combined efforts of Megaman and Protoman don’t seem to put a dent in the monster. The heroes are very outmatched from the start and the Virus Beast would likely have ended everything in their first battle if not for the mighty…Bass! He’s always arriving at the nick of time isn’t he? The villains had prepared for this and the Virus Beast is ready…can Bass really defeat this opponent!?

That was the final big arc of the series, but there are still fun one-shot episodes that will keep you entertained. The final episode of the series leads into the sequel (Which will be reviewed very soon) and there’s also an episode that features a climatic battle between Megaman and Protoman. Snakeman’s episode was also pretty good and featured some good battles.

Lan is a much better character in this version than in the manga. He’s a character that you can root for and he never loses sight of his ideals. He’s more confident and he likes to defeat his opponents as quickly as possible. Megaman is not even close to as cool as his manga counterpart, but he’s still a decent hero. He’s just not as tough and his resolve can be shaken. He’s very dependent upon Lan’s help in a battle which also isn’t a plus. He’s still a good main character, but he definitely could have been better. His worst appearance was definitely in the Empress Roll episodes.

Chaud’s definitely epic for most of the series and likewise with Protoman. Chaud can be pretty rude and he likes putting others down, but that’s basically what rivals do in these situations. Lan tries to teach Chaud a lesson and they have a big fight in a public intersection. Protoman is also highly skilled and for the most part he defeats just about anyone he meets. (Though his battle with Stoneman got pretty unbelievable)

Lan’s friends get a much larger role in the anime, but they never develop into really good characters. Dex has realized the error of his ways and he’s no longer a bully. Unfortunately, he’s still really weak, but he doesn’t know it. Yai has a lot of good chips, but she’s not much of a fighter. Maylu can battle if she’s in a pinch, but she usually doesn’t fight unless she has too. She did enter the tournament though, so maybe she likes fighting more than I thought. Roll, Iceman, and Gutsman also aren’t that great, but I suppose that they are bearable.

Commander Beef has some pretty intense scenes, but aside from his light tower fight, he was mostly filler. Sharkman is labeled as one of the best fighters in the series, but he never impressed me. He doesn’t have any really good attacks and his speed isn’t that great. Sal and Woodman weren’t that much better, but Miyu and Skullman were a huge improvement. Miyu actually took on the legendary Lan and Megaman with her Skullman. Skullman’s speed is pretty good and he was able to keep up (And out speed) Megaman. The ending to the fight was a bit disappointing, but it was definitely one of the better battles.

World Three’s members were all pretty bad. Luckily their netnavies were a lot better. Torchman was a pretty decent threat in his first battle and he gets some solid character development. He’s definitely the best navi out of the group and he’s the only one to do some damage against the Grave operatives. Elecman was good in his very first appearance, but his personality did a 180 and he stopped being cool. Magicman is a cool concept, but his voice and personality wreck his character. Wackoman…I can’t even get started with that guy.

Blasterman was a pretty solid opponent and this is easily the best adaption of his character. He’s actually a pretty solid threat and he can go up against Megaman in a decently even fight. (With circumstances) Stoneman was also cool, but he got less chances to show his stuff. He was a decently good villain nonetheless.

Pharohman is also a really cool villain and his attacks are deadly. He succeeds in destroying one of the heroes and he doesn’t go down without a fight. The Virus Beast is also decently cool, but not quite as epic as his manga counterpart. He’s still an epic beast to keep your eye out for.

Bass is not quite as epic as his manga version, but that would be next to impossible! He’s definitely an imposing figure, but he didn’t get enough screen time. That was a pretty big oversight for the anime, but he still got some decently cool scenes. (It only gets better once Stream comes around!) His fight against Freezeman was epic!

Freezeman is definitely one of the best characters in the series. He’s a no nonsense character and he froze the entire city. His abilities are considerable since he was able to take on three ultimately powerful navies in a short span of time. (Heatman, Megaman, and Bass) I’m glad that he got a good amount of screen time, but his extremely cool ending was cut out of the english version.

This is definitely an anime that you guys will want to check out. Their are some obscure, but epic villains like Planetman awaiting you in the series! The fight scenes can get pretty good and the soundtrack is also decent. There are a couple of good songs that you’ll enjoy. I’ve seen this series a lot of times and I consider it an anime classic. It never gets old to hear Lan yell “Jack In Megaman! Power Up!”

Overall 8/10

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