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Megaman NT Warrior Axess Review

Axess continues the Megaman NT Warrior franchise and brings the series to new heights. While NT Warrior was pretty good, Axess is excellent and it’s everything that I could have hoped for in a Megaman series. The grand scale of things is definitely a lot larger than NT Warrior and the threats are very real.

Axess starts off with Megaman effortlessly defeating his opponents. It has been a time of peace and everyone has moved on from the past dangers. Even Megaman seems to be pretty overconfident as he toys with the opponents. When someone tries to eliminate Lan and his friends by removing the air in the building, Lan send Megaman in against his most lethal opponent yet. Savageman is behind this and he may be Megaman’s first true threat in a long time. Megaman hits him with the program advance, but it doesn’t seem to have any noticable effect. Things get dangerous when Savageman appears in the human world! Lan and Megaman are forced to Crossfuse to take him on.

This is just the beginning of the Nebula saga. Crossfusion is a major part of the series, since it’s the only way that the good guys can really fight. (Although, I think that Megaman and pals could just materialize into the area like the villains. I’ve always wondered why they didn’t just do that. It would be simple enough and they could hopefully win.) The series opens up with a lot of solid episodes including the battles against Vineman and Flashman. They introduce a new type of super form called Doublesoul. With this ability, Megaman can merge with a netnavi and gain his abilities, or just absorb a portion of his power and add it on to his own.

The saga reached its climax in episode 27. Megaman and Protoman launch their final offensive against Nebula’s boss, but the Darkloids have also come to finish things. Their are many powerful darkloids and I will talk about several of them later on in the review. When Megaman and Protoman reach the big boss, they find that he is gone. “MY NAME IS LASERMAN!” a voice yells out as a being of pure power gets up from the throne. Megaman and Protoman were quickly dispatched by the leader of the darkloids (Shademan) and are unable to challenge Laserman. Laserman and Shademan quickly have a talk and then Laserman leaves…after blowing up the dimensional area generators. Shademan decides to blow the place up in the hopes of destroying Laserman. Now, Megaman and Protoman must fight Shademan in the cyber world. The battle is very nostalgic, but things get dangerous for the heroes.

The 2nd saga is about Laserman’s group of darkloids. Lan and Megaman have their work cut out for them and they are now outnumbered by a large amount. Chaud can’t do much since Protoman is unable to help at the moment. They call in Raika and Raoul for backup and they come in handy…they just aren’t quite at Protoman level. The climax of the series is definitely intense and has a very cool atmosphere about it.

Lan is still a pretty solid protagonist. He hasn’t changed that much from NT Warrior and he’s always ready for a fight. Now he actually gets to fight which is pretty cool, but sometimes he doesn’t handle it well. His battle experience isn’t as good as Megaman’s so he definitely holds them back.

Megaman is also pretty similar to his NT Warrior counterpart, but he makes less puns. He does seem to be pretty confident during the earlier episodes which is good and he hesitates less than in the old days. His double soul abilities are pretty good to have and they are much better than the Style Change.

Chaud is a pretty solid character for the first saga, but he doesn’t do as well in Arc 2. He makes the ultimate sacrifice and gives Megaman the vulcan, but (Thanks to Lan) he hesitates and loses some time. He fires off the vulcan, but it is too late. That scene was definitely one of the greatest in the entire series and it felt like I was watching a shounen anime. Protoman is pretty solid as well, but once in a while he won’t look so good. Still, he’s one of the better heroes in the series.

Mr Famous is a new character to the show and he seems to run the NetSavers division. He’s not a fighter in the anime and while he’s smart, it’s never enough to help Lan out. There is also a detective and his assistant, but I can’t even get into those guys. They weren’t really great characters and never pulled through when the going got tough.

Lan’s friends don’t appear quite as often in this show. Dex gets an appearance, but he looks pretty bad and he can’t stop Burnerman. Maylu and Roll try to help Megaman out against Flashman, but he proves to be too powerful. Yai and Tori are around, but they also don’t really get to help.

A new hero added to the bunch is named Raika. His netnavi Searchman is pretty good for long range combat and his fight against Shadowman was pretty cool. Shadowman is far stronger thanks to his speed and close range combat, but when you throw a wildcard (Megaman) in to shake things up, Searchman has enough time to get out the shot. Searchman is willing to destroy innocent lives to achieve his target, so he doesn’t get along with Megaman at first. Of course, we can’t totally call Searchman a hero after that right? Arguably he changes his ways, but do we know for sure? Prismman is also a pretty cool navi. He has a solid fight against Gravityman and even takes on Megaman. He’s a solid close range fighter and his design is pretty epic. I wish that we could have seen more of him.

We also can’t forget about Tamako and Metalman. Tamako is one of Lan’s newer rivals and her netnavi packs a punch. Metalman has a lot of raw power, but Megaman’s speed is a good counter to that. He comes in handy during the big battle against Searchman and they’re both decent characters. I can always use a new rival for the main character.

Savageman is the first darkloid to fight and he’s also one of the best ones. Like his name suggests, Savageman is a very savage fighter. He’ll take any opening and launch a powerful attack. He was able to take on the powerful team of Metalman and Megaman. Definitely not an easy feat and one that few can reproduce. He’s very fast and in his final form, he may be one of the strongest darkloids of all time. He’s definitely a high tier Megaman fighter.

Flashman is another great darkloid and his thunder abilities are very quick. He was doing pretty good against Megaman and nearly deleted him. Roll went to take him on as well, but Flashman proved to be too strong. He has a pretty good array of attacks and he’s also a master at close range combat. He was actually holding his own against Protoman in a sword fight.

Shademan was the leader of the darkloids for Arc 1 and he’s a very strong fighter. He’s not that agile, but he makes up for that in raw power. One solid attack is enough to take down Megaman and Protoman teaming up. (In Crossfusion, since Lan and Chaud can’t endure that kind of power. In the net, things would be different) Shademan’s definitely a powerful fighter and he manages to go up against Laserman! He has Bubbleman as a loyal minion, but Bubbleman’s pretty weak. He’s definitely one of the worst darkloids..maybe The worst darkloid.

Desertman is also one of the best Darkloids. Not only does he claim to be immortal, but he has a lot of raw power. He was defeating Megaman with minimal effort and his abilities are great. He’s most dangerous in an enclosed space thanks to his sand lions. They will home in on the opponent and charge. It’s pretty tough to dodge them when there isn’t time to maneuver. His attacks also deal great damage and a couple of lions would end any battle.

Gravityman appeared pretty late in the series, but he quickly became one of my favorites. His gravity drive is immensely lethal and it’s nearly impossible to dodge. Once it gets near, the gravity pushes the opponent into the ground. He can also use gravity to block any projectiles, so he’s essentially invincible in a one one fight. Protoman and Megaman teaming up were nearly destroyed.

We can’t forget about the mighty Laserman! In arc 2, he’s a pretty major character. Not only does he lead the villain armada, but his abilities are very potent. He doesn’t fight until the final episode, but it’s a pretty great one. He uses his super speed to fight with Shademan and then relies on his sheer durability and power to take on Megaman and Protoman. He must be the only fighter to survive a program advance and 6 double souls. “Tremble Before me!” is just one of his cool lines. He’s definitely a fighter to watch out for. Dr Regal is his human ally, but he doesn’t make for an interesting villain. He’s pretty smart though and even surpasses Lan’s dad in that area.

There are many other darkloids that I could continue to mention. Vineman was pretty awesome and his episode was one of the best in the series. Burnerman is also a solid fighter and a decent character. To end on the characters note, I should mention that…BASS appears later on! It’s a small role, but he hints that he could take down Laserman and Shademan pretty easily. He’s definitely not an opponent to underestimate.

Megaman Axess is an anime that I strongly recommend watching. The soundtrack is superb, (The vulcan scene is an example of the greatest music in the show. Possibly one of the greatest of all time!) there are a lot of cool techno music and other sounds from the games. The animation is also a solid step up and the battles are amazing. The cliffhanger also makes you eagerly anticipate watching the next show in the franchise…Stream! So, check this anime out right away!

Overall 9/10


2 thoughts on “Megaman NT Warrior Axess Review”

    1. I think Bass would have crushed Laserman and Shademan at that point. Judging by how effortlessly he was able to reverse the damage done to Shademan, and the fact that he was just watching Laserman and Shademan fight, shows that his power exceeds their own. Watch Stream for further confirmation. Also, I thought that the dub was excellent. Some great soundtracks involved and the voices are spectacular. Still, I have nothing against the subbed version either

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