Superman Prankster of Prime Time Review


You’ve probably already seen some of my other Superman reviews in the past. So far, Superman’s books have been pretty fun and they keep things at a nice pace. The books are very short, but that just makes you wonder how much damage the villain will end up doing. The Prankster isn’t much of a fighter, so can he hold his own book!?

Well, the plot is that the Prankster has his own TV show. The TV Show is about pulling pranks on your friends and it’s supposed to all be in good fun. Has the Prankster turned over a new leaf? Surprisingly, Superman doesn’t give him the benefit of the doubt and thinks that he’s up to no good. Jimmy Olsen goes undercover to find out, (Which is a nice homage to the old comics) but can he get away with this!?

Well, that’s the plot in a nutshell. I’m afraid that Superman doesn’t look so good. Not only was he a little out of character near the beginning, but he was unable to track the signal that Jimmy tried to send him. It was short, but he definitely should have been able to track it. Not to mention that he let a crook get away towards the beginning. With his speed, I don’t think that should ever happen to Superman. Perry White looks pretty good and he makes sure to keep everyone in line.

I will give the book props since they used the Prankster. He’s hardly Superman’s most popular opponent and he’s decently obscure. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that he’s actually a good villain. I suppose that you can’t win them all, but this does bring in some hope for other obscure characters. (The Shadow Dragon maybe!?) Let’s just hope that the Prankster can think of some new pranks for his next appearance!

All in all, this was a decent Superman book. It was pretty short as per usual, but there wasn’t a really powerful villain involved. Superman never had to break a sweat and I thought that the ending was a little cheesy. Superman, (Completely in character since he loves to mock the villains back in the classic days) decides to pull a prank on the Prankster, so that he can add humiliation onto defeat. I recommend this book if you’ve always been a big fan of DC or if you just wan’t to read a fun book. Of course, if you want a true Superman book where he gets to fight, check out Superman’s battle against Cyborg Superman!

Overall 6/10

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