Sinestro and The Ring of Fear Review


DC has definitely gotten a lot of chapter books over the last few months. This one in particular features Sinestro as the main character, but Hal Jordan still gets a decent role towards the end. (The book is around 50 pages so the beginning is like being near the end, but Jordan gets enough screen time) Could Sinestro hold his own comic as the main character or would the plot get dull fast? It’s time to find out!

Sinestro has decided that the Green Lanterns should be defeated and he becomes the leader over two different races. They put up a good struggle, but can anyone defeat an opponent who can basically destroy an entire planet with a single attack? A Green Lantern attempts to stop Sinestro from causing havoc from planet to planet and he does much better than I would have guessed. I thought that Sinestro would just whack him to the side, but he actually chases Sinestro away. Granted there were circumstances and some may call it a bit of a stretch to say that he “Chased” Sinestro away, but that’s basically what happened.

Sinestro got his partners to terrorize other planets as well. This way they could collect enough fear to power up his giant lantern. Hal Jordan hears about this and gathers up the Green Lanterns scattered across the planet. This is definitely the most ambitious climax that I’ve seen in a DC book. 100 Green Lanterns fighting 100 Yellow Lanterns is nothing to sneeze at. Hal Jordan does a pretty good job and he actually punches Sinestro off of a planet. Would you be shocked if I said that Hal nearly knocked him out of the Solar System? Well, you may want to check this out just to see that.

Well, this was a fun book. I’ve always been a fan of the Green Lantern books since they can use more sci-fi elements and make for good beam fights. The book was short so it definitely didn’t drag on, but at the same time, it would be cool if the books could be longer. If you’re a DC fan, then I recommend checking this out. It only takes around 15 minutes so you won’t even lose much time if you dislike it. Although, I would still be surprised if you did not like the book. It’s so short that it’s hard to dislike it. The ending is arguably tragic or very thrilling. It depends on whose side you were on. So, who will you be rooting for in this book?

Overall 7/10

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