Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan has definitely become very popular and it’s easy to see why. Unfortunately the violence is definitely a little too excessive. Definitely a lot of negatives that the review will cover! We’ll see where the series goes from here and I’ll write a review when the manga finishes. Overall 2/10


3 thoughts on “Attack on Titan”

  1. Wait, watch the anime!! It’s soooo much better. I’ve watched all 25 episodes and am waiting for Season 2. The cast of characters are great, and watch it with eg subtitles too. The eg dubbed version is all “I am Eren. Oh no, the Giants are attacking!!” <It sucks.
    So anyway, if you haven't already, I highly recommend the anime, and (besides some parts) something that even rivals Bleach in depth and storyline.

    1. You beat me to the punch! I just finished the anime about two weeks ago so the review should be up relatively soon. I do agree that it is far superior to the manga, but I have to say that I still only thought it worthy of a 4/10 rating. The writing was solid and the characters were pretty interesting thanks to the world building, but the violence is still way too excessive. Toonami somehow got it a TV 14 rating, but I’d say that this one easily deserves an MA. It’s why I waited for the Toonami dub since I consider the sub to still be TV MA. I think Toonami probably did some slight edits on the final fight (One of the most graphic ones) and in other episodes. Unfortunately, season 2 is probably going to go downhill since it follows the manga, which quickly sank. Still, you can expect a more comprehensive review on it soon!

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