Lego Marvel Superheroes Maximum Overload Review


Lego Marvel was such a success for the video game industry that they brought it back in time for an animated short. It is split up into 5 episodes and the plot is pretty similar to the game. Will the Heroes be able to unite and take the villains down or will they fall against the onslaught of powerful villains!?

Loki seems to be pretty bored and he wants to start wrecking some havok in the city. That’s when he gets a neat idea on how to make things tough on the heroes. He uses the Cosmic Snowballs (Well, that’s how they look anyway) to amp up the powers of the super villains. He uses it on Doctor Octopus and it’s up to Spider man! Along the way, Loki also amps up the Mandarin, Venom, and more.

Spiderman gets a pretty big role and he’s the main reason why Loki doesn’t end up causing major damage to the area. With his quick thinking and fast moving puns, Spiderman is able to completely overwhelm Doctor Octopus and Venom. They’re tough, but just not tough enough to take on Spiderman. Spiderman is portrayed pretty accurately in this special, but some people may wonder about the New Jersey reference. Lately Spiderman’s been taking a lot of shots at New Jersey in the animated universe. (Just check out Ultimate Spiderman) It’s all in good fun, but you do have to wonder why Spiderman always takes a shot at that state in particular.

Other heroes appear as well including Ironman. Ironman gets a decent sized role as well and it’s up to him to stop the Mandarin. He gets most of the epic facial expressions and is never fazed by all who stand in his way. The Falcon gets a cameo which will have to satisfy his fans for now. Thor and Hulk also arrive for battle as the Hulk takes on Abomination and Thor leads two of the other heroes to Loki for the ultimate battle.

It’s an entertaining short. Everyone is used for comedy, but the lines can be pretty good for some of the jokes. Spiderman is portrayed more accurately in the short than in his own show which is very ironic. It’s only around 15 minutes not counting the theme songs, so you’ll be done with the special in no time. Considering that the animation was lego related, it had some decent fights..for lego. I’d recommend this to big Marvel fans and people who just want to watch a happy video.

Overall 6/10

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