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Avengers and The Infinity Gauntlet Review


The Infinity Gauntlet is one of Marvel’s most popular arcs and it’s a very legendary series. Thanos got to show off his true power and we saw that Cyclops was a force to be reckoned with. Remakes are rarely as good as the original and this comic is no exception, but could it still be a pretty fun comic in the end?

Well, the plot is virtually the same as the original story arc and Thanos has whisked away half of the population. One key difference is the fact that the people have disappeared, but they don’t really say that they died. Invisible Woman decides to send a squad of fully prepared heroes to deal with the situation which includes Spiderman, Hulk, Ms Marvel, Dr Doom, and Wolverine. This gang of heroes is ready for anything, but will they be a match for someone like Thanos!?

It’s a fun adventure in its own right, but since it is called The Infinity Gauntlet, there was bound to be a lot of pressure on the comic right away. Seeing Spiderman and friend take on Thanos is always fun, but the comic uses large amounts of comic relief in every scene which can get old very quickly. Dr Doom is forced to make the heroes sandwiches!! (Albeit there is a plot twist about Dr Doom, but considering the nature of the plot twist, technically it doesn’t really make a difference) Spiderman is constantly mocking everyone the whole time which is cool, but he also mocks himself at some points. He doesn’t even put up any resistance as he lets Thanos win without a fight. The Hulk is pretty annoying since he seems to be less smart than he used to be…and that’s saying something! The driver of the ship that they are using isn’t really a great character either.

The worst part of the comic is definitely when they head into the gasoline shop to refuel the ship and they get to meet the guy’s parents. They’re pretty mean to him and make the heroes look pretty bad. The comic really felt like filler and they didn’t really need to add a new group of villains did they?

The art for the comic was pretty underwhelming and was slightly worse than expected. The characters look off model on a number of occasions and there are virtually no fights. That may not be the art’s fault, but fight scenes can make the art look better at times. This one had no chance to show off any great scenes with art, but they likely wouldn’t have been that great considering how skilled the artist was.

The collection may sound pretty negative at this point, but it wasn’t without its positives as well. One of those positives is that we got a lot of cameos from various heroes and villains as they tried to keep the peace on Earth. The main character cast featured several cool heroes even if their portrayal may not have been spot on. There wasn’t much action, but Thanos still looked pretty good during the fights for the most part. He was maybe a little too scared when Dr Doom attempted to take him down for the count, but we can try to overlook this. The comic doesn’t really drag on as its pretty short and that’s the important thing..just having fun while reading the adventure!

While that’s great and all, it’s still cool that the collection also brings the original Infinity Gauntlet..or the first issue of the series at any rate. The issue completely blew the remake away and it felt like a true Marvel comic. Thanos is a lot more intense in this version and the art is leagues ahead. Everything about the comic felt like true quality and Spiderman got a lot more respect in this version. He seemed like a selfless hero which is basically what he used to be before the current age. Even Captain America was pretty intense as he realized the gravity of the situation. Silver Surfer may have been a little too hysterical, but he always was a dramatic character. The issue just felt like a solid prelude to the series and had the epicness that the miniseries just couldn’t muster. There was a random subplot with these three guys who were driving along, but we can ignore that one for now. The characters are unlikable, but we don’t have to see them for very long.

Overall, this is a pretty solid collection. The Infinity Gauntlet issue was a lot better than the new version and helped to save the day, but the new version wasn’t awful. It was a lighter twist on the classic story and it was still entertaining. I just could have used a little less comic relief and a little more action along with some better art if possible. This is still one of the better Marvel Adventures, but I dare say that Batman’s Brave and The Bold comics are still superior. I recommend this comic if you read the original Infinity Gauntlet or just feel like reading a story that brings together all of Marvel’s greatest heroes…or at least a few of them. (Of course, you may just want to skip to JLA vs Avengers!)

Overall 7/10

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