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Juri Han vs Xiaoyu

Juri Han is a Street Fighter who uses a lot of long range abilities like fireballs to help her claim victory in battle. Xiaoyu is very quick and she was able to dodge Alisa’s attacks for a while in the Tekken Blood Vengeance film, but she won’t be able to dodge forever. In a pure hand to hand battle, I have no doubt that Xiaoyu would pull ahead for the victory. Unfortunately, as it stands, Xiaoyu lacks the long range abilities to defeat Juri. Juri Han wins.

2 thoughts on “Juri Han vs Xiaoyu”

  1. I probably would have put Sakura against Xiaoyu. Ah well. Can’t wait for Yoshimitsu’s fight, or Paul Phoenix vs Guile

    Also, how did you put on that falling snow effect? It’s nice

    1. Well, I’ve been doing them all from the cinematic episodes and Jury was Xiaoyu’s rival for some reason. Sakura is definitely a good match for Xiaoyu.

      The snow effect is done by WordPress. There should be an option to turn it on somewhere in the tools or settings. I agree, it’s a pretty fun effect for the holidays

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