Eren Jaeger

Eren Jaeger is the main character from Attack on Titan and his main goal is to destroy all of the Titans. He starts out as an average kid who uses a method of web slinging/zipping around like Spider-Man to use towers and other buildings to maneuver. He also knows a lot about hand to hand combat and he can quickly start to master a move after only seeing it a few times. He also has the Titan Power within him and his Titan Form is pretty powerful. It has instant regeneration and a lot of stamina as well. Eren’s only weak spot is the back of his neck, but it’s unlikely that his opponents will get anywhere near him to launch an attack. The window of weakness is very small and Eren is very fast. Eren can also use his Titan Abilities to act as a shield and he’s basically an all around fighter since his strength, durability, and speed are all well above average. Any character that tries to defeat him will likely be destroyed!

His Main Forms


His Record

L Optimus Prime

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