Rabbit vs Rat

Rats and Rabbits are both quick creatures who are definitely above many members of the food chain. Rabbits can hop, but Rats are quick and they should not be underestimated. Rats can be pretty dangerous and there have been cases where they became quite large, but they won’t be able to win. Have you seen all of those horror films involving giant evil Rabbits and Bunnies? Not for the faint of heart….Rabbit wins.

Original image by futurepiratequeen. The link to the image is below



4 thoughts on “Rabbit vs Rat

    • Good point, I had not made it known that animals are an exception. I have updated the rules. No real people can fight on the blog or real animals, but generic animals can fight on the blog. Example: Sonic The Super Dog (My Dog) cannot fight on the blog, but a Wolf could fight on the blog. Animal battles are more complicated since there are so many species, so I usually put most of them into one section, but it’s a case by case decision

  1. Oh. Thanks for making that known. Was a little confused there… Thought you’d just broke your own rule. Thanks for clarifying that for me and adding it to the blog rules.

    • Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t want that! I’ve had several animals fight on the blog, but it was definitely an oversight on my part not to add that stipulation to the rules. Thanks for letting me know! I actually did break my rules once when I added in a pair of characters who were actually real by mistake, so I ended up having to delete the fights that they were in. It was pretty tricky stuff!

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