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Well, I knew that the Netflix deal was a bad idea from the instant that I heard about it. My worst fears came true and this part of the continuity is best left forgotten. It is simply too extreme. I suppose that I’ll have a review for it someday, but don’t expect this series to end anytime soon.

Overall 0/10


2 thoughts on “Daredevil”

  1. Wait are you saying that this show is bad? o.O I’m on my like episode 10 and absolute love the series, it’s a very dark series, I love how unawesome daredevil is, proving that he is in fact just a human with heightened senses, nothing like the movie a few years ago.

    1. Haha, What can I say, it was just too dark for me. Take away some of the violence and this show would easily gain a few stars for me. It’s similar to how I wasn’t a huge fan of Attack on Titan with the violence. And..this is even more intense than that one. I actually don’t even watch anything TV MA on principle, but this was an exception because my family was checking it out. Likewise with R films and M games. I typically avoid this level of violence, but I can certainly see why you would enjoy it. Take away the violence and the characters are pretty engaging. I also like the court room scenes as I’ve always found those to be fascinating in real life as well. The Netflix series isn’t for me, but I’m still hyped for Age of Ultron! You’re in the UK right so have you seen it yet? For me, I’ve gotta wait until Thursday evening.

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