Guardians of the Galaxy

Well, Marvel Animation has gotten its next show! It perfectly follows the formula of the others so if you like Avengers Assemble or Ultimate Spiderman, copy and past the episodes from those into Guardians while switching the characters and you’ll know if you’ll like it or not. This will probably be a 7 by the end and it’s a fairly nice show. We just need the characters to become more likable. I shall review the show once it’s over.

Overall 6/10

11 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy

    • Yeah, I’m guessing that a Nova Corps show would be virtually identical to the others, just copy and pasting the characters again so it will ride on how you like them. I’d certainly enjoy a Nova show, but I feel like the characters would be limited in how interesting they could be. An X-Men show would be fun to complete the set, then we’d get more crossovers.

      • I kinda feel like the current cartoons (and comics for that matter) are riding the MCU banwaggon too much. Like the movies are fun and all, but the way they’re effecting eveything else seems kinda bad imo.

      • Oh yeah, I absolutely agree! The Guardians show wasted no time is using up almost all of the big moments from the film. Groot’s whole gimmick is still around. Rocket says the “Oh…Yeahhhhh” line, the latest Spiderman episode did the whole “Hulk wakes up Iron Man by yelling” scene, but switch in Spiderman and the Rhino, etc. They just love copying the movies.

    • Yeah, I think this will be a fun toon. It’s really trying to be like the movies, which can be fun, but I also want to see the show try out some of its own ideas at some point. I have enjoyed all of the recent Marvel cartoons, except for Hulk, so this should be a fun one and it’s always good to have a new show to check out!

      • I think my favourite is Young Justice. Plus it’s been a while since I watched any sort of American cartoon, except for Rick and Morty, love this show.

      • Young Justice was awesome! It’s a show that DC fans really miss since it was pretty dark, epic, and had great fight scenes. I really thought that it did a superb job as a DC show and really wish that the next season hadn’t been cancelled because of the lack of toy sales. The show got great ratings, if you ask me, that’s what should have mattered.

  1. i know this has nothing to do with guardians of the galaxy, but i wanted to know if you (dreager1) watch kamen rider drive or will you watch kamen rider ghost when it airs? by the way, it starts next week.

      • i think you should watch kamen rider ghost it looks amazing. my favorite kamen rider would be kamen rider gaim. my next favorite would have to be kamen rider decade. my third would be kamen rider V3. i love super sentai too, just not as much as kamen rider.

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