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Hanna Heller vs Cammy

Hanna Heller was trained to be an assassin all her life, but in the end I wouldn’t say that she was all that impressive. Cammy underwent similar training before she escaped and is easily the superior fighter. She doesn’t even need a gun to take down her opponents, which gives her a large advantage over Hanna. Hanna can’t compete in a hand to hand fight and Cammy’s too quick to be taken down by a stray bullet. Hannah simply can’t keep up in this battle. Cammy wins.


2 thoughts on “Hanna Heller vs Cammy”

  1. LOL Hanna took out an entire CIA illegal rendition facility along with a black ops force comprising the elite of the elite fighters. And then she walked through a desert and had lunch… Also, she wasn’t fully grown into a woman yet, so we know her physical strength would only increase, even if she will no longer be the girl we fell in love with. I honestly pity anyone who believes they might take advantage of this lovely girl. She would annihilate ANY opponent and is probably the deadliest warrior in human history…

    1. She is definitely an incredible fighter. I wouldn’t underestimate her in a fight, but Cammy has experience going against all kinds of threats in her day. She’s defeated opponents who weren’t even human. Hanna probably can take down almost any human fighter, but Cammy is slightly augmented and has a lot of combat experience. That should give her the edge here

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