Clare vs Rosemarie Hathaway

Requested by JHG It is a double debut in this round as these two fighters join the fray. Clare is a very powerful swordfighter who has a great amount of speed and strength. Her 7 years of training were certainly worth it as her power level jumped up. Rose Hathaway is also fairly skilled as she possesses a degree of super speed and strength. Unfortunately, her abilities are only superhuman and as a result, they are significantly under Clare’s abilities. Clare simply outranks her at the moment. Clare wins.


5 thoughts on “Clare vs Rosemarie Hathaway

  1. Great to see Vampire Academy get appreciation; such a great series. Claymore too.
    For this at hand, I think Rose has the edge in intellect and fighting skill. Plus, her stake can seriously harm Clare as the enchantment is tailored to harm beings with demonic auras. Still, it won’t be decisive enough to completely flip the tide and in the end Clare mostly wins.

    • Yes, I forgot to credit you for the request initially so I’ve updated the post. It was definitely a fun fight between vampires, but Clare’s 7 years of training seem to have really bumped her skills up to another level. It’ll be hard to hit her considering Clare’s blinding speed.

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