Vash The Stampede vs Kino

Kino makes her debut here. She did her best to try and answer life’s tough questions with her emotionless, noncommittal, vague answers, but it never worked out. She could have learned a thing or two from Vash. He had to make a lot of tough calls himself, but he always found the right way to proceed. He didn’t wave from one side to the other like Kino and he certainly wouldn’t have hunted animals just to survive. Vash values life quite a lot and it’s the main reason why he ended up being a good character by the end despite not being so good during the start of the series. His character development destroys Kino’s and it is worth mentioning that he is a better fighter as well. Kino’s a good gun fighter, but Vash is far superior and also has superhuman abilities to help him out as well. Vash The Stampede wins.


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