Sandor Clegane vs Rosemarie Hathaway

Suggested by JHG Rosemarie is a skilled Dhampire. She has heightened physical abilities which greatly aid her in combat. Whether she is fighting in hand to hand battles or with a weapon she is quite proficient in each. Clegane is a skilled fighter in his own right but he is merely human. The experience he has on the battlefield will prove useful but at the same time I don’t think he will be able to claim victory with that alone. He needs more of an edge and I just don’t think he has that. Rosemarie Hathaway wins.


2 thoughts on “Sandor Clegane vs Rosemarie Hathaway

  1. To be fair Sandor is better armored, has better reach, has a more versatile weapon, is more experienced and to top it off, the stake’s enchantment won’t affect him. Rose however, has counters to anything he can throw at her. Reach? Run in close. Armor? Aim for the hole where his head is!

    • Definitely. Sandor’s defensive capabilities are good, but Rosemarie’s speed pretty much nullifies all of it. If speed was her only asset then maybe this wouldn’t be the case, but she is also an expert fighter as well which really puts him in the corner.

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