Barristan Selmy vs Ujio

Suggested by JHG195 This is a double debut as both of these fighters are battling for the first time. Barristan Selmy is a skilled swordsman who has defeated foes much younger than him. His age is still worth noting though. Ujio is another tough swordsman and was always known as a foe to be feared on the battlefield. It’s a pretty close fight and naturally one decisive strike would be enough for either fighter. At the end of the day I’d consider Ujio to be a little faster than Barristan and that should prove to be the difference between them. Ujio wins.

11 thoughts on “Barristan Selmy vs Ujio

  1. I would root for Barristan yet I see where you’re coming from; Ser Barristan may be older but he isn’t as good as when he was younger. That and in the climactic battle in The Last Samurai, Ujio survives a shot in the belly from a rifle(Lee-Enfield? I dunno.) Such a bullet would be a Minié ball which would normally kill someone. Yet Ujio seemed fine after he was hit.

  2. Nevermind, I looked it up and it seems late 19th century Japanese(the setting that The Last Samurai was depicting) used the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle in real life. It appears to be a common weapon among Western nations of that time frame and it makes plenty of sense a modernising Asian nation would make use of them.

  3. It actually seems the Japanese army in the film was using Mauser model 1871 rifles-actually a German firearm even though in the film they’re armed by the US. Regardless, that was another example of Western weapons utilized by Japan in the 19th century. I hope I’m not confusing anyone.

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