Exar Kun vs Siri Tachi

Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these fighters make their debut in this round, but only one can walk away a victor. Siri is a talented Jedi whose skills were quite formidable. Unfortunately, she died before getting to really do all that much. Meanwhile, Exar was an exceptional Jedi who turned evil and became an incredibly powerful Sith Lord. Essentially, his character arc went in the same direction as Darth Vader’s did back in the day. While they are both skilled, they are in different leagues here and Siri will not be able to stand up to Exar’s relentless attacks. Exar Kun wins.


4 thoughts on “Exar Kun vs Siri Tachi

  1. Thanks for posting this battle. I think that the truth may never be known, simply by reason that Exar Kun had yet to stir his trapped spirit in the Yavin 4 temple while Siri was active and alive.

    • Yeah, it would have been nice to have seen them fight. That’s why we need a Star Wars crossover comic someday so we can see a lot of these hypothetical matches take place. A lot of promising matches can come out of this

      • Speaking of Siri, even if I’ve made my peace with the writers of the Clone Wars CGI Series, I think they missed an opportunity not putting her in there. You had a lot of source material already published by the time the series came out, and the writers should have adapted that stuff instead of creating it out of new cloth. Also, I think bringing Darth Maul back was a big mistake.

      • Yeah, we need more adaptions. There was so many comics with a lot of things happening and I feel like they’ve all fallen to limbo at this point. I was cool with Maul coming back, but I would have preferred someone like Starkiller to make an appearance. A little before his time I guess, but we just need him to be animated at some point.i

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