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Willow Rosenberg vs Shimrra Jamaane

Suggested by iKnowledge Willow Rosenberg is a strong vampire (dhampire?) who has some decent superhuman abilities. That being said, she won’t be able to stop Shimrra. He is said to be solar system level as he withstood hits from Grandmaster Luke Skywalker and his abilities are some of the highest that we’ve seen in all of Star Wars. A single slice from his Lightsaber should be enough to claim victory here and Willow would not be able to react to such an attack. This is why Shimrra is so feared. Shimrra Jamaane wins.

4 thoughts on “Willow Rosenberg vs Shimrra Jamaane”

      1. You still have my Arctodus Simus (Short-faced bear vs Megaloceros) battle to do, the battle between D’Artagnan and Uthred of Bebbanburg, and D’Artagnan and Diego Alatriste. You also have my Hercules Beetle vs Thailand Black Tarantula battle, and finally my Lieutenant Sharpe vs Gaston battle to be done. Is that good?

      2. Okay, so the animal matches were likely wiped due to the recent no new animals policy on the blog. Aside from ones that are already on the site, no new animals will be admitted to keep the rules closer to the “Only fictional characters” allowed kind of thing. The line started to get blurry between which animals would count and which wouldn’t because if we go by specific species it is pretty much endless. The other matches I will re-add to the vault.

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