Shizuku Tsukishima vs Umi Matsuzaki

Umi (1)
Suggested by JHG195 It’s time for a battle or similar protagonists, at least design wise. Both of them can put up a fight if necessary, but don’t have a whole lot of practical experience. Umi has a lot of dedication though and deals with her emotional strife quite well. She never missed a day lifting her flag and as she is 2 years older than Shizuku that will help a lot in a fight as well. I say that she manages to claim the win here. Umi Matsuzaki wins.


10 thoughts on “Shizuku Tsukishima vs Umi Matsuzaki

    • Well, Umi’s also 2 years older so I figure that will let her deal more damage with each hit. I’m not sure who I’d like more since I haven’t seen either film yet, but they both sound like reasonable characters

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