Billie Jenkins vs Saruman

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of mages. Saruman has some very persuasive abilities as his voice can enchant just about anyone. I’m confident Billie has a strong enough will to block this though. When you take that away Saruman is really lacking in attack spells. Meanwhile Billie has always been a very proficient fighter. She can easily take Saruman down with her telekinesis or enhanced hand to hand combat. Saruman will quickly be overwhelmed and he’ll wish he had devoted more time into being a stronger fighter. Billie Jenkins wins.


2 thoughts on “Billie Jenkins vs Saruman

  1. In my opinion, I still think Saruman has a chance. His voice increased the danger of the Snowstorm around Caradhras, he could do the same to Billie, by making the roof fall on her or her fall through the floor. If we use video game feats and powers, Saruman has the higher number. He’s also the equivalent of a fallen Whitelighter, and where Billie comes from, White and Darklighters are more powerful than human beings, even Charmed ones. Saruman and the other Istari are Maiar (Angel-like beings) on a different level to Sauron, who may be the most powerful Maia of all. Due to this discrepancy, I still think Curunir takes the win.

    • He’d have to move fast though because Billie has her own psychic abilities to prevent those things from happening. Saruman’s still lacking in combat speed as well so it’ll be tough for him to properly dodge any of BIllie’s attacks. Still, could be a reasonable fight then

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