2018 Christmas Wrap up

Time for a 2018 Christmas Wrap Up! I’ll be having a larger scale end of year post coming up (It’ll be out by mid January at the latest although naturally I’ll aim to have it up sooner) so this one will be fairly blank. I had gotten the video game backlog down to under 100 for the first time ever, but it is now back over 100 as I got 19 new games for Christmas! While I don’t think this is the largest batch I’ve ever gotten, it’s certainly up there and I am back to 104. Most of these games are only 4-5 hours long though so I’ll be back under 100 fairly quick I’d say. A lot of hype titles here and you can probably tell at a glance that I went on a big Need for Speed marathon. It’s time to try and get caught up with this franchise. The picture above shows all of the new games.

All right, Merry Christmas folks! Expect more blog posts soon. I’m also going to quickly take the time to plug in the fact that I will be doing a Best of 2018 post at some point. I may just bunch it up with my other post and make it a really long one. On a final note, here’s another pic of my dog. He’s a little old at this point at 8 years old but he still acts like a pup. He just doesn’t like staying still for the phone which makes taking a snapshot hard.


6 thoughts on “2018 Christmas Wrap up

    • Thanks! Absolutely, it was awesome! KH3 is going to be a perfect start to the New Year. It’s really looking like it’ll go down as one of the All Time Greats. There’s just so much content to absorb there

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