Best of 2018

All right guys it’s time to look at the Best of 2018 in various areas! WordPress used to give us a detailed stat sheet as well which I certainly miss, but I’ll improvise and throw in a bunch of stats as well. I was having some trouble deciding which categories, whether it should be top 3, 5, or 10, and a bunch of other things. Listed below are what I ultimately ended up choosing. 2018’s been a pretty power packed year. It was the first year I ever got under 100 games in my backlog. It also saw the return of Super Smash Bros with the most recent installment that is guaranteed to make waves. Wrapping up the video game news is the fact that it revitalized the Switch, it went from collecting dust to getting over 600 hours in it between Fortnite and Super Smash Bros. It’s automatically become one of the most played consoles in the blink of an eye. There are definitely quite a bit of categories so without further adieu lets jump into the stats and categories.

In 2018 I got 153,292 views. This is a bit of an increase from 2017 which is cool. I’ll aim for 2018 to have a more consistent posting schedule. I tend to be on and off with the posts, but getting at least one post up per day would be cool. I’ll probably start that in February though as I’m still busy catching up in games for this month. I published 1275 new posts including close to 350 reviews and over 800 battles. Finally the blog has now reached 5 million views which is awesome!

Top 10 Most Viewed Posts in 2018

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
One Above All vs Goku
I am accepting Requests
Goku vs Beyonder
Allosaurus vs Raptor
Thor vs Galactus
Giant Octopus vs Bones
Mephisto vs Thanos
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Stats and Records
Why Sonic Forces is going to be better than Mario Odyssey

Some of these posts are a little surprising like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm ones. They didn’t get any comments recently or anything like that so I’m guessing that the images got a lot of clicks. That’s definitely pretty cool.

I’ll quickly give a shout out to some of my more frequent commenters (I don’t think I’m spelling that word right but it doesn’t seem to work well with either variation but you know what I mean) : iKnowledge, riagabriella, riaastuff, jhg195, and Kratos god of war. For the following commenters who have their own sites I have linked them into the names. You should check them out, their sites are definitely a blast!: Krystallina, Livid Lightning, Paul Bowler, The Otaku Judge, and Anime Girls NYC

Top 5 Theatrical Films

1. Avengers Infinity War
2. Mission Impossible: Fallout
3. Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse
4. Black Panther
5. Aquaman

This was definitely a pretty tricky one. There were quite a few solid movies of 2018 which is definitely a good thing. Infinity War and Fallout were easily the top 2, but after that it gets pretty tricky. You’ve got a slew of titles thrown in there. Some just barely didn’t make it but deserve a quick mention like Creed II, Bumblebee, and Ant Man and the Wasp. I would give Venom a shoutout but honestly it couldn’t quite keep up. CBMs definitely dominated the year as expected with only Mission Impossible keeping up. Naturally this is only counting big mainstream theatrical films or My Hero Academia would certainly be up there.

Top 5 Video Games of 2018

1. Super Smash Bros Ultimate
2. Dragon Ball Fighterz
3. Blazblue Cross Tag Battle
4. Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Brittania
5. Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

As with the films the top 2 are extremely easy here. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is essentially the perfect fighting game and FighterZ has more care into it than I would have thought possible. Then we have Cross Tag Battle which is also excellent and ArcSYS always delivers with the combat. After that the next two are pretty tricky. Seven Deadly Sins actually managed to bump off Black Clover along with SAO. Sins just has a solid story and a good amount of bonus content while Fatal Bullet had a long campaign and a terrific combat system. I’ll give shoutouts to Black Clover, Secret of Mana, Sonic Mania, Crash, and Spyro for putting up a valiant effort though. These games will not be forgotten.

Top 5 animated films I saw in 2018

1. Cardfight Vanguard Neon Messiah
2. My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes
3. Digimon Adventure Tri: Confession
4. The Death of Superman
5. The Iron Giant

Cardfight and My Hero naturally take center stage here. These films really brought on a ton of action and excitement all the way through. Confession is definitely one of the best Digimon films out there and really did a great job of furthering the plot. The Death of Superman is another adaption of the classic Doomsday story and you really can’t go wrong there. Finally, the Iron Giant really exceeded expectations with how well made it was. I have to throw the various Equestria Girl films a shout out as they were quite solid. Naturally the same goes for the rest of the Digimon Tri films and the Scooby Doo/Brave and the Bold team up. There are quite a few good films here.

Top 5 live action films I saw in 2018

1. Sherlock Holmes Pursuit to Algiers
2. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
3. Murder on the Orient Express
4. Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon
5. Sherlock Holmes Terror by Night

This is probably the toughest section because I’ve seen over 150 films this year. The Sherlock Holmes titles I certainly don’t have memorized, but I remember liking the 3 I listed above quite a lot. I could even make a case for all 5 selections being different Sherlock Holmes titles. Pelham One Two Three and Murder on the Orient Express were both terrific films as well though. They had a nice blend of suspense and humor. (Humor more for the former, the second one is an intense mystery thriller) I also have to give Scrooged a shout out for being a lot better than even I had remembered it to be.

Top 5 Video Games I completed in 2018

1. Fortnite Battle Royale
2. Pokemon Y
3. Pokemon Sun
4. Driver: You Are The Wheelman
5. .Hack Part 3 Outbreak

Naturally in this list I’m not counting the video games that came out in 2018 so there won’t be any overlap here. This list was pretty stacked considering that even an exceptional game like Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask barely didn’t make the cut. There were also a lot of fun app games like Dragon Ball Legends and Dragalia from this year. The Pokemon games are always elite though and Fortnite has completely changed the shooting genre for the better. Driver still lives on as the best Open World game and .Hack’s plot is as intriguing as ever. I look forward to finally getting the 4th game and finishing up the saga once and for all.

Top 5 TV shows I finished in 2018

1. RWBY Volume 5
2. Yugioh Arc V
3. Future Card Buddyfight X
4. Cardfight Vanguard G: Z
5. My Hero Academia Season 3

Definitely a very strong year for shows. Naturally RWBY dominated the competition and after that the Cardgames took over. It’s always great to have all 3 major titles churn out a new addition. That probably won’t happen for a while since the next Yugioh title won’t be finished in the dub so soon so I’m glad I got to experience it at least once. Then MHA managed to surpass both Phi Brain and Sonic Boom to claim the 5th spot. Other solid titles include .Hack, Dinosaur King, and Monster Hunter. All 3 of those are solid shows in their own right as well.

Top 5 Manga I finished in 2018

1. Super Dragon Ball Heroes Dark Demon Realm
2. Spiral: Alive
3. Beyblade
5. Kingdom Hearts II

Super Dragon Ball Heroes was definitely an awesome title. It’s essentially an official Dragon Ball AF with a lot of crazy things happening constantly. Spiral: Alive made for a very compelling story with an awesome plot. Beyblade’s got the action down to an art and RWBY is always exciting. I’m glad that now we have an ongoing story, that’s definitely going to be very awesome! Kingdom Hearts II felt like it went on for years before the online translations finally caught up so it feels good to finish it. Now I’m really all set for Kingdom Hearts III.

So, can 2019 have a better selection in any of these categories? Next year I’ll do a comparison section in the post so we’ll see how it stacks up. I can say with utmost confidence that 2019’s video games will not beat 2018’s. I think it’ll also lose in shows, but maybe there will be a reasonable shot with the films. I dunno….honestly it’s looking like 2019 might get stomped for the most part. It’s going to have to depend on the upcoming Godzilla film to tip the scales! Well, that’s it for my 2018 wrap up. I’ll see you all next year!

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