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Kyo Kusanagi vs Sol Badguy

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Sol and Kyo are both fire type fighters who have really perfected their crafts. They can battle at high speeds in martial arts. While Kyo may have the slight edge in combat, I’d definitely go with Sol in a question of who has the better weapons. Weapons are pretty key in a fight like this and that will give Sol a good advantage here. His dragon hybrid form will also be very useful. He’ll simply be able to overpower Kyo. Sol Badguy wins.


3 thoughts on “Kyo Kusanagi vs Sol Badguy”

  1. Kyo is strong and all but honestly, yes, i can see Sol winning easily.
    Not to forget he even defeated Justice (which i assume might be stronger than KoF bosses but don’t get me wrong, KoF universe is strong too so, i give it some credit)
    And plus… If Sol uses Dragon Install, Kyo won’t live that long.

    1. Sol’s definitely got a lot of crazy good feats under his belt. It’ll definitely be tough for Kyo to hope to deal with him in a straight up fight. If it becomes a team battle then he probably has better chemistry with his team, but Sol’s just too OP

      1. That’s true. The team battle might be more fun but i can see Sol winning again if he teams up with Ky too (Ky’s strong too though i am more of Sol person)
        Guilty Gear characters sure are powerful

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