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Garurumon vs Gaomon

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa this is definitely a really close battle. After all by the end of their evolutions you’re basically debating Mirage Gaogamon Burst Mode and Omnimon in his final Tri form. Both of these guys are some of the strongest Digimon out there. I would have to give Mirage the edge here though. He’s shown much better speed feats over the years and part of the problem for Omnimon is that he outranks everyone so severely that typically you don’t really get to see what he can do. What ends up happening is that the fight is over before it truly begins. I do think it would be a pretty epic fight though. Gaomon wins.

3 thoughts on “Garurumon vs Gaomon”

  1. I like Gabumon, but honestly, i am more of a Gaomon person, he just looks cooler to me, especially his Mega form, MirageGaogamon. So, i’m happy to see Gaomon win.

    Also, another battle request:
    Marcus (Digimon Data Squad) vs Sol Badguy

      1. Thanks!

        Yeah, i don’t see many boxing Digimon. Gaomon is a cool one, and Gabumon is pretty cool too, but i just unexplainably like Gaomon better.

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