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NHL 08 Stats and Records

No stats this time!

2 thoughts on “NHL 08 Stats and Records”

  1. Does no stats mean the game was no fun? I have fond memories of EA Hockey on the Mega Drive. One of the few North American sports that I enjoy, as it reminds me of soccer. That and I also dug the punch ups that would occur.

    1. Oh no, I definitely enjoyed this game. The game just didn’t track any of my stats like play time and such. I also wasn’t able to unlock any trophies while playing through so it ended up being empty. Usually I would upload my review first, but I saw that the day was almost over and I hadn’t posted something so I wanted to quickly churn it out. The review will be coming up soon though.

      I never really got into Hockey, but the gameplay is pretty fun. I just have a hard time scoring any goals

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