Herbert vs Anti Monitor

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 The Anti Monitor is back and now he’s up against Herbert. Herbert is not exactly a fighter so this will be a quick win for the Anti Monitor. He has real abilities including energy blasts and size manipulation. His strength is so great that he could end the planet. No matter how hard Herbert tries to stop him, the Anti Monitor simply will not go down. None of Herbert’s attacks would even be able to damage such an all powerful villain. Anti Monitor wins.

6 thoughts on “Herbert vs Anti Monitor

    • I guess the requester really didn’t like Herbert. Admittedly he sounds like a pretty terrible character so I’m cool with him getting some losses

      • While Herbert is really funny, he is an awful person. I figured he was going to lose this round but it would be like throwing him in the ring with TOAA who has a similar physique to Herbert. Anyway I only requested this because I partially dislike Herbert, so yes, you are kind of correct.

      • He definitely sounds like a pretty terrible character for sure. I’d be rooting for the other characters to take him down in the fights

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