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Zane (Brave Tuber) vs Applejack

Applejack has returned but she isn’t going to be able to take down this mega movie star. At least, Zane’s always wanted to be a star but unfortunately was not able to really get people interested. It’s really quite emotional if you think about it. Applejack is a pretty tough pony but there’s nothing she can really go here. Zane has a tremendous amount of physical strength at his disposal. While the extent of it is hard to accurately gauge, it will be enough to win this fight. Zane (Brave Tuber) wins.

4 thoughts on “Zane (Brave Tuber) vs Applejack”

    1. Poor Applejack shouldn’t have messed with with this fighter! By the way, according to my records you’re all out of requests. Are there any that I’ve missed or are you preparing another batch of fights?

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