Cal Kestis vs Desann

Suggested by iKnowledge Desann is a pretty skilled user of the Force. He has shown proficiency in both the dark and light sides of it although he certainly prefers the former. His Force Lightning can zap his opponents into dust. It’s hard to beat him in a straight fight, but I believe Cal has what it takes. That guy’s been through a lot and has just shown a greater level of ability than Desann. Desann has no real weaknesses to speak of, but Cal’s just the more powerful fighter. Cal Kestis wins.

2 thoughts on “Cal Kestis vs Desann

  1. You could make the case that Desaan should still win, simply because of him having beaten foes in his game that Cal probably has no chance of defeating (e.g. Legends Luke and Kyle Katarn), and the weaker quality of Cal’s foes (e.g. Canon Inquisitors and various wild animals, + Taron Malicos). I have no copy of either game, but that’s my opinion to consider the above.

    • I think part of it here comes down to how much older Desann’s games are. While he has some pretty good wins under his belt, the guy doesn’t seem nearly as impressive with the force. In Cal’s case we’ve seen him use some very advanced force abilities and shockwaves that were considerably more powerful than anyone else’s. I don’t think it would be a stomp or anything as this would be a solid fight but I think Cal has the edge in Force abilities here

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